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Catherine Sulskis
November 25, 2021 |
ISSA_North America

The JanSan Industry of ISSA

Membership in its simplest form is a group of persons associated by a common tie or occupation and is regarded as an entity. In many ways, over the past several years, we have expanded the bounds of partnership to include these memberships, as it very much follows a similar theme in our dedication to creating an ecosystem in how we interact with and engage within these communities, as we continue to build and expand our own.

At DCKAP, we strive to be even more than just a community and an entity as it is defined, which suggests something that stands apart. Instead, we strive for the inclusiveness and wholeness that combined communities bring together in an ecosystem. That’s a large part of why that word is so important to us, and how it truly defines us and our purpose.

Our most recent membership with ISSA, the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide is another step in our expansive efforts. It is an organization dedicated to helping distributors, manufacturers, and associated service members by offering business tools and global event gatherings. They support members and their employees by offering valuable contacts and increasing members’ professionalism and success with valuable insights and educational resources. And a Cleaner, Safer, and Healthier World (as their mantra suggests) is something we love to stand behind.

This year’s ISSA Conference in North America was held at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It was an exceptional example of the dedication to their members, with a very successful show of distributors, manufacturers, and technology companies like ourselves. While we were most unique in our positioning around ecommerce, this also allowed us to make an impression, and we established a great rapport with those who came by to visit with us. We’re seeing the growth in the JanSan industry and the need for their online presence to be exemplified, and we look forward to the opportunity to support their future needs.

It’s always an exciting time at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with its huge layout and everything being laid out smartly to make it easy to understand and navigate. It was really wonderful to have a large team there to represent DCKAP, with Karthik ChidambaramChris BrackettTim DiepAndrea Sanchez, and myself all gathered together to experience this event. Everything ran very smoothly while we were exhibiting, and we were able to connect with many new people, as well as some we had already known through our expanding network of connections.

We proudly sported our new T-shirts and handed them out along with our famous rhino plush swag to all who came by and showed interest in us. We also had the opportunity to meet with several people who came by after seeing our event profile ahead of the event, which is a great indicator that we found an audience who would benefit from what we offered.

Also at the show was Michael Tighe, a great resource in the JanSan industry with many years of experience who worked with us for several months as a direct consultant in this space. When he saw that we were there, he came by to say hello, and we were grateful for the chance to meet him in person! If you follow our Youtube channel, you may remember the insightful videos we created that featured an interview he provided us, which touches upon the greatest pain points distributors in this space are feeling and specifically how DCKAP can help.

You can check out all our video posts made during the event as well:

After everything was all packed up and the last day was done, we left feeling it had all been rather productive and well satisfied that we had taken a lot from the experience. As we all went our separate ways home, we each were very grateful for the time that we had spent together and for all we had learned from participating in this event. Having these opportunities to work together so closely helps make us even stronger as a team.

With all the connections made, the successful branding exercise overall, and the full breadth of experience gained from showing at this industry conference, it was well worth the efforts and time spent networking in this community. We’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with ISSA and reaching even further into the industry to solidify our place to be positioned as the experts for those in need of growing online with our products and services. We’re excited for what we can continue to learn and experience as we continue to expand our ecosystem and evolve in the JanSan space, and we look forward to next year’s ISSA event!

If you’d like to read more about other events we’ve attended, feel free to check out our previous blog on attending the Pack Expo event. Each and every event is a chance to learn more about the various industries we work in, as well as more about ourselves as a company, always striving for greater success for ourselves and most importantly our partners and clients.

Catherine Sulskis

Catherine works with the marketing team at DCKAP writing compelling content, strategizing and leading various marketing projects, helping to broaden the brand and the company mission, and producing the Driven by DCKAP podcast. With an educational background in creative writing and sociology, and having worked in partnership building and being focused in the tech industry for most of her career, she has a special affinity for the power of connection, compelling storytelling and the future of technology.

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