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Popular B2B Extensions For Your Magento 2 Store

Mohan Natarajan
June 6, 2016 |

We have Magento extensions that are specifically built for B2B businesses. Check out Magento 2 extensions from our store.

Globally, by 2020 the B2B ecommerce market will be twice as large as the B2C market — $6.7 trillion vs. $3.2 trillion — according to research provider Frost & Sullivan.

More and more B2B buyers want their experience to be similar to the B2C ecommerce purchase experience. B2B is a very diverse marketplace and extensions add value to the eCommerce platforms that server the B2B market.

Magento Marketplace

More and more B2B implementations are happening in Magento. Extensions are playing a vital role in filing the gaps and making the customer experience seamless and similar to B2C.

Magento recently launched a new marketplace for Magento 2 modules. In future, we will be able to upload the M1 extensions as well in the new marketplace.

Sample Request for B2B

In B2B business, it’s very difficult to increase the revenue. It is in the nature of buyers to have concerns and queries about the quality of the products they are planning to purchase. This is truer if the purchase is in bulk quantities. To clear the doubts in the minds of the customer, samples of the product can be provided. This enables the customer to check the quality of the product and also helps to increase his confidence level. Providing samples could be a great motivation for the customer to make the purchase from the store.

A partial list of features

  •  To request the samples from a simple form in Magento product detail page.
  •  Notification to admin once a customer requests a sample.
  •  Updating the customer account once the admin processes the request.
  •  Notification to the customer via email whenever the request status is updated.
  •  Detailed statistical report for the admin about the order conversion.

Screenshot of Sample Request Page from DCKAP extension Sample Request for B2B

magento 2 extension - request sample

Also available for Magento1.x

Call to Order / Call Back

In a B2B business, administrators may not wish to display the price for some of the products. They may display the phone numbers of the sales team instead, encouraging customers to call for product enquiries.

A partial list of features

  •  To show the call to order and call back options in product list and detail pages.
  •  Options for admin to manage the call to order options from the back end.
  •  Flags to enable/disable the call to order options for each product.
  •  Configuration to set the call to order option when the product price is 0.
  •  To place call back options in product list and view pages.
  •  When the call back option is enabled, customers will be able to input their information in the form and it will be notified to the administrator.
  •  The users can enter their preferred time to get the call from the administrator.
  •  Admin can track the call back information based on the communication with a particular customer.

Screenshot of Call Back Information page of DCKAP extension Call to Order/Call Back

Magento 2 extension - calback

Quick Order

In B2B business, once the customers have identified their favorite vendors or suppliers, they usually place orders for specific items regularly and in bulk. The customers would prefer a much more user friendly way to navigate/search those specific items to add to the cart. Customers would prefer to place the orders quickly and get on with their other tasks. Quick Order extension should enable the customer to do this.

A partial list of features

  •  Feature to enter the SKU/Name, search those items and display suggested items based on search terms.
  •  Enter part number with quantity and add the items to cart if the customers know the SKU/Part No.
  •  Feature to add multiple items in comma separated format.
  •  Admin can change the separator for SKU and quantity from the backend settings.
  •  Admin can also change the number of characters needed for product auto suggestion

Screenshot of Add to Cart page of DCKAP extension Quick Order

magento 2 extension - quickorder-items

B2B is a huge market and in US B2B eCommerce is twice as large as B2C eCommerce. So there is a great need for extensions that cater to the B2B marketplace. B2B buyers are looking for a self-service automated approach to purchasing.

DCKAP recently launched a few must have B2B modules for Magento2. It is available in both DCKAP Store and Magento Marketplace.

The above list of extensions is only a partial list. Keep visiting our store. We have few more interesting B2B extensions lined up for release.


Mohan Natarajan

A speaker at Imagine 2017, Mohan heads the Customer Success at DCKAP. Within a span of 7 years, Mohan has acquired all four Magento Certificates and offers impeccable knowledge in the Magento platform, and has evolved as a Solution Architect, developing a handful of Magento Extensions for numerous B2B customers. In addition to being an active member of Chennai Magento Community, he leads the Chennai Magento Meetup events. He is keen and proud to serve the eCommerce Community, thanks to his boundless expertise in the ecosystem. Furthermore, he was honored as one of the top contributors in the 2017 Magento Live India event and 2018 Meet Magento India event. Being a huge fan of the Magento Community, Mohan is glued to Twitter and LinkedIn. Loves to surf and play Table Tennis, when not working in Magento projects and managing DCKAP Store.

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