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Work From Home – DCKAP Perspective

Dipthi Rajagopal
June 2, 2020 |

Work from home has been a part of the DCKAP culture. However with COVID-19, work from home seemed like the only feasible option to first and foremost prioritize the safety of our employees and be responsible as an organization.

With a large workforce hailing from different backgrounds, it was quite obvious that we have various different views on working from home.We wanted to understand our employees’ view point and keeping this in mind, we did an internal survey to understand their experience. 

When DCKAP decided to start working from home on 13 March, 2020, even before the official government lockdown, we never thought it would take this long to return back to our vibrant office space.

We proactively ensured that our employees were equipped with all the information and support to WFH and we are happy that this has worked well to a great extent. Here is what we found in our results. 

  • We take a lot of pride in our employees being individual resources first and excellent team players. A reflection of them being cognizant of their duties is right here:  
  • In these times, the well being of our families is a priority too. With our great managers, they are able to manage home and work beautifully. Take a look. 
  • DCKAP believes in Trust; an important part of our culture!
  • Communication is the key. With a proper funnel of task designation-we have actually found more happiness and productivity amongst all our peers and colleagues!
  • With nearly 80% people agreeing with our situation-to-situation update, we take a lot of pride in our internal communication processes! An informed employee equals to a more aware customer!
  • When it comes to productivity, let’s see what our employees feel in terms of their efficiency working from home
  • What did we miss most here – Definitely chit chat with colleagues over a cup of chai, short breaks, lunch outings

Overall, we found a lot more positives of – working from home. On that note, joining the bandwagon of leading tech giants; today we extend the work from home till the end of the year- December 2020 Some of the best things work from home brought in:

  • No long commute to work
  • Flexibility in work timings
  • Balance between family and work responsibilities
  • Stay close to home
  • Less expenses and home cooked food

Lastly, we cannot thank our employees enough for their support and help! Here is what they feel: 

With over 70% of our employee base enjoying work from home, we have found out that productivity can actually go hand in hand with work from home. At DCKAP, we provide all our employees with company laptops. Hence, the decision to go home was literally; just a bag pack away! We are glad we decided to go in WFH mode when our location had under 10 cases of COVID-19. Today, we are overwhelmed that the drive to keep our employees safe- got us ready way ahead of time! After all, only change is permanent and the only one that stays permanent is the one who changes continually- something we truly believe in! 

Dipthi Rajagopal

Dipthi, Manager - HR , is passionate about people making a difference. A gregarious personality with high-levels of energy , she is committed to providing the best possible experience for the DCKAP team. Apart from supporting people finding their right path in their career, she enjoys listeninng to music and watching movies.

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