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How Distributors can get a leg up against 2023’s challenges: DCKAP Summit 2022

Vibha N
September 26, 2022 |
DCKAP Summit 2022 banner showing speakers and Growth, Talent and Competition in Distribution

Update: Catch all the details about the event in this post-event summary. You can also watch all the sessions on demand here.

Distributors are the backbone of the global economy. They might not be the first industry a layperson may think of going about their daily lives, but so much of what they interact with has a distributor’s hand in making possible. 

With such a fundamental role, distributors are also quick to feel the impact of big changes in the market – and fewer bring as seismic ones as a global pandemic. Consequently, the post-pandemic era we’re now facing brings its fair share of unique challenges and concerns among distributors today. 

As a Community dedicated to simplifying commerce for distributors, we have always considered it to be a part of our responsibility to bring as much value-add to distributors, whether or not we directly partner with them. So when it came to (finally) bringing back the DCKAP Summit, the aim was to ensure the takeaways from the event tied directly to boosting profitability for our attendees. 

That’s why this year, we’re focusing squarely on their key areas where challenges and opportunities meet for Distributors: Growth, Talent and Competition. 

GROWTH for distributors 

Earlier this year, inflation hit a 41-year high in the United States, at 9.1%. While the rate has since dipped to 8.3% as of August 2022, fears of a pending recession amid this and higher interest rates still haven’t abated. However, thanks to the fact that consumer preferences have shifted towards eCommerce, there is potential to not just survive, but grow in the next decade. The B2B eCommerce market size is projected to grow at the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 19.7% from 2022 to 2030.  Amazon Business alone might be set to post a GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) of $83.1 Billion by 2025 itself.

So what does this mean for distributors? How can they leverage one of the fastest growing sales channels in B2B to ensure that their business manages to grow even during potentially rough times? What actionable strategies and tactics can they use? These are some of the questions we’re set to delve into. 

TALENT and hiring for distributors 

Acquiring and retaining customers is the obvious side of ensuring growth but so is doing so for talent. It’s especially obvious when you match the slight increase in the unemployment rate in the United States, with the fact that there are still around two vacancies for every unemployed person.

The Great Resignation last year saw about 47 million people quit their jobs, many in favor of others that offered a better working environment or remuneration. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, the rate of unfulfilled jobs in the Wholesale and Retail sales sector stands at approximately 70%. In the distribution sector, this has manifested in a lack of qualified technically skilled talent as well – some of which are critical to the sustained smooth functioning of the company. 

This is something we did touch upon during our conversations at Round-Up 2022, and we’ll be deep diving further in terms of what it is that distributors can start doing today to not just attract skilled individuals and foster good talent with their companies, but do so in a sustainable manner that retains them for the long-run. 

COMPETITION  for distributors 

From the proliferation of D2C and the influence of large B2C giants, the expectations from B2B eCommerce sites have only been increasing. More businesses have been investing in omnichannel strategies and improving customer experience to stand out from the competition and stay at top of the mind of their customers.

The right technology paired with the right strategy that leverages the best of it is really the name of the game. There’s no one-size-fits-all, sure, and that’s why we’re bringing together experts from across the industry to share best practices and tactics that are grounded in decades of cumulative experience.

What else to expect from DCKAP Summit 2022

Plenty. We’re experimenters in all we do, and our events are no exception. DCKAP Summit 2022 is returning after two years, and we’re ensuring it brings all kinds of benefits to attendees. Here are some things to look forward to:

Unlocking creativity with Featured Speaker: Duncan Wardle

Though not strictly from a distribution background, we know that Duncan Wardle, Former Head of Innovation & Creativity at the Walt Disney Company could bring something truly special to the Summit takeaways. Our line-up is geared to provide excellent industry insight, but Duncan will be crafting a specially curated session on how attendees can rediscover their own creative streak and use the same in their daily business life. 

Duncan has crafted a career in solving problems through creativity, having worked with teams at his experience with the teams at Disney Parks, Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pixar, Imagineering and Animation.

Variety of sessions from seasoned experts 

From world leaders in eCommerce platforms to distributors who carry multi-decade legacies into the modern age: there’s something for everyone interested in the future of distribution at Summit 2022. Our sessions are split among workshops, speaker sessions, and panels with opportunities for your participation as well. 

Meet other industry movers and shakers during breakfast, and lunch and raise a glass with newly forged networks at the post-event refreshments and cocktail sessions. See the complete agenda here.

Speaker line-up for DCKAP Summit 2022: Growth, Talent and Competition in Distribution

DCKAP Summit 2022 Goodies!

While no one will be returning from DCKAP Summit 2022 empty-handed (we have plenty of rhino swag with your names on it!) there’s something special for especially lucky attendees on the day. We have a special summit raffle planned on the day, and winners stand to also take home a brand new iPad or Surface pro.

There are some guaranteed gifts too! For those who have friends/associates from the distribution community to DCKAP Summit 2022, we have special gift cards to enjoy after the event. 

A day dedicated to Distribution

Set against the backdrop of downtown Los Angeles, the day-long event is also a celebration of the distribution industry. As a Community so closely aligned to the industry, we are heavily invested in its success and this edition of the Summit is one of our efforts to pave the way for more successful times ahead for the industry. This is also why we have chosen to not gatekeep the event, making it free to register and accessible for any distributor seeking to learn how to boost their profitability. 

If you haven’t yet, don’t miss saving your spot at DCKAP Summit 2022. We’re excited to have you join us as we explore how growth, talent, and competition for distributors seeking to make the best of 2023 and the years to come. 

Follow us on LinkedIn or #DCKAPsummit22 to stay up-to-date with all announcements regarding the event. See you there!

Vibha N

Vibha is a Content Strategy Manager at DCKAP. She has over six years of experience in content creation and social media, with two of those dedicated to the field of ecommerce, integration, and technology. She has previous experience working with various other sectors including sustainability, education, filmmaking, F&B, and more. When not knee-deep in content and conversations, she can be found geeking out on pop-culture or making her next cup of strong filter coffee.

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