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Drupal 8 – From Content to Experiences

April 25, 2014 |

Drupal 8, which is getting ready for its final release, is making a lot of buzz about its strategic shift from a Content Management System to a Digital Experience Management system. In the connected world, with the millennial generation engaging with their apps, the strategic shift seems to be in the correct direction.

Gone are the days when websites served as a repository of information, now any website that does not engage with an audience is as good as a dead site. Time has come for websites to move from providers of content to creator of experiences.

Marketers who look for new ways to attract customers and engage with them are looking at web as an ideal way to generate business. When it comes to Drupal 8 the following features enable the strategic shift from content to experiences.

 Mobile Friendly

With the responsive built in themes to managing the web pages through mobiles, Drupal 8 has clearly outlined its vision of a mobile friendly system. In future, content creation and publishing would happen on the go, for example, consider a journalist covering an event, Drupal 8 would allow users to create articles or blogs on that event, which can be published right from their mobiles or tablets.


Content Creation

A feature rich WYSIWYG editor provides a helping hand for non technical people in creating and publishing content. The Multilingual feature would help companies target their customers across different geographies based on similar content. Drupal’s dedicated community on multilingual support provides a lot of information regarding this feature.



HTML5, which plays a major role creating responsive websites, has taken a major step ahead in Drupal 8. With native input elements for commonly used fields, Drupal 8 would enable developers to create fully functional websites in HTML5.

We believe that these features are just the tip of an iceberg as Drupal 8 moves its focus from content to experiences. The buzz is getting even more higher as we close in on Drupal Con at Austin in June.

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Ragu manages our entire Marketing activities at DCKAP. He has a firm belief that marketing should always capture the person's mind instead of merely gaining eye balls. He has a varied experience across Retail, Automobiles, Health Care and Manufacturing verticals. During his free time you can always find Ragu researching about world cinema and watching them.

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