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Helping Facilitate Oxygen Concentrators

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An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that saves lives, and it has done so especially during these pandemic times. As a machine used for delivering oxygen to people with breathing-related disorders, it has been extremely lifesaving for those afflicted with the COVID-19 virus. Individuals whose oxygen concentration in their blood is lower than normal need to use a concentrator to replace vital oxygen. 

According to the most recent statistics from the World Health Organization, there have been over 26 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 in India and it has continued to rise. With the unfortunate increase of cases along with the lack of medical supplies to help those afflicted with the virus, there has never been a more important time to share resources and help aid the ongoing situation.


Portable Oxygen Concentrator

A portable oxygen concentrator or oxygen generator is designed for oxygen therapy in medical institutions and individual use at home.

Helping Facilitate Oxygen Concentrators

Recently, at DCKAP, we had been communicating with one of our most valued clients in medical supplies, Direct Supply, a Linde Company, who was wonderful to ask if help was needed considering the dire situation in India. With some careful thought, we decided that we wanted to do our part and help to facilitate the necessity of these Oxygen Concentrator machines if at all possible. With the high demand, the low stock availability, and the inflated pricing on the market for these machines, it has been extremely difficult for much of the country to secure these medical supplies in order to meet the great demand. After taking a call with Direct Supply, we were able to understand these devices better, to understand the supply chain, and how to find where the demands were. That allowed us to take steps to help in any way we could. With the great need in the community and the willingness of our client to support, we were able to take additional steps to communicate with crowdsourcing groups and help them distribute these devices to people most in need.Finding out exactly where the demand was needed most was a challenge, and posting on LinkedIN and Facebook helped. Thankfully, through our combined efforts, we were able to find the best way to support this need. Once we communicated with the volunteer groups and connected them to Direct Supply, the order to distribute 84 Oxygen Concentrators was processed between several nonprofits: Young India Culture Group, NSNA and Gurudwara. We’re so grateful to these groups for their support and understanding of these circumstances.Though the prices had been exorbitantly high through other sources, Direct Supply offered very reasonable prices considering the situation in India. Now, these 84 devices are in the process of being shipped to the people in most need by the nonprofits in the US. The cost for all the 84 oxygen concentrators was also paid directly by the nonprofits in the US, and they were meticulous in also ordering the transformers for these oxygen concentrators to work in India. Though we did not do anything big, we are proud that we did bridge the gap and make the connection. We’re very grateful to our valued client, Direct Supply, for their willingness to work with us and the nonprofits to send out these life-saving medical devices where they are needed most. While it was a small effort in the large scope of the ongoing issue, we are very thankful to be able to offer our assistance wherever it might help. Recognizing the difficulty of getting through these times, it’s important for us all to do what we can, to come together and find solutions like this. We recognize that devices like these may not be easily available to everyone. If you are in need of obtaining oxygen concentrators in bulk quantities, please reach out to us and we will do everything we can to help facilitate the distribution of these devices through our channels of support.

Karthik Chidambaram

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