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How AI Is Changing Software Testing?

August 16, 2017 |

“Working alongside AI, testers in the near future will be able to focus on the most interesting and valued aspects of software testing.” – Jason Arbon

Software Test engineers are always looking to reduce the TAT of release cycles without compromising on the quality. Here in this article, we will explore the role played by AI in automating repeatable mundane tasks like regression testing etc.

As of now, we are manually executing scripts but AI will pave way for automation in test management, test execution and more.

Fallbacks of Traditional Manual testing

  • Tester validates only the GUI with the known combination of manual/automation scenarios.
  • Time-consuming.
  • When a new feature is introduced, the tester tests that functionality and other related or impacted functionalities of the application by updating the test cases. For the same scenario, an AI system will update the test coverage based on its trained data set.

QA Automation

Empower Task Automation with AI

  • Scripts for the builds will be written and implemented with the CI (Continuous integration) tool Jenkins. Refer our previous blog on Implementation of automation with CI tool.
  • Test Automation will save time and cost.  It, in turn, reduces the release cycle.
  • At present, test design is done by the testers manually. The scripts are written and maintained by humans.
  • The test design and automation of scripts will be taken over by the systems which are powered by artificial intelligence algorithm. With the help of AI, we can train the system to go through the application log files and identify the hotspots. It will help to improve test planning and test coverage of the system.
  • The transition will not happen for all kinds of testing. AI will be used to do repeatable tasks like the population of test data, regression testing etc. Testers can concentrate on working in creative and difficult tasks similar to the integration of systems.
  • AI can help in the analysis of metrics and can do predictive analysis of the existing test cases and create new test execution. Based on this info, estimation of testing and testing efficiency will be improved.

These are interesting times for software testing. Share your thoughts on how you think AI will change software testing and how soon do you think this will happen?

Waiting to hear from you.



Bhavani is Certified Software Test Manager and Six Sigma Green Belt. Passionate about testing eCommerce sites. Learning and implementing the latest automation tools. Mentoring.

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