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iOS Developers’ Meet-Up Chennai 2012 – Thanks for coming!

August 18, 2012 |
DCKAP ecommerce

The first iOS Developers’ Meet-Up Chennai 2012 sponsored by DCKAP in collaboration with WorkGoal was successfully conducted on the 18th of August 2012.

Karthik Chidambaram, CEO of DCKAP Technologies inaugurated the Meet-Up and started it off with his pleasant words of encouragement to the team that had coordinated and marketed the event successfully. He also shared his thoughts on mobile application development and how DCKAP is focused towards the mobile market and developers.

Following his inaugural speech, an iOS Application Developer from DCKAP showcased a presentation which introduced the audience to the current trends/strategy in iOS Development. This presentation introduced the attendees to the technical aspects which followed up in the event.

The next technical presentation was on the topic “Presentation about BLE 4.0, CoreBluetooth Framework” which was presented by an experienced Mobile Application Developer.

iOS Developers Meet-UpiOS Developers Meet-UpiOS Developers Meet-Up

This presentation comprised of a lot of state-of-the-art technical aspects of the Bluetooth Low Energy Technology. These aspects of the technology helped the attendees gain a lot of new information on it and similar such technologies.

The presentation was followed by a brief break which enabled the attendees and the hosts to connect better. Refreshments were provided to charge everyone for the upcoming Demo from an attendee and a Q&A session.

One of the attendees had brought an application his team had built for the iOS platform. This application was demonstrated briefly by the attendee and also replied to the various queries from the attendees.

The already interactive audience was keenly active during the following Q&A session. Many experienced Mobile Application Developers amongst the audience came forward and shared some constructive information they had gained with their indispensable experience.

Following the Q&A session WorkGoal the product being developed by DCKAP Technologies was briefly demonstrated by Karthik Chidambaram. The attendees were intrigued by the product and came up with various queries and insights which were answered and noted down respectively by the company’s CEO.

iOS Developers Meet-Up

The team that hosted the Meet-Up highly appreciated the presence of the attendees and their interactions which helped everyone, present in the Meet-Up, to gain a lot of new information on the field they were familiar with.

The iOS developers’ Meet-Up was a tremendous opportunity to learn new aspects of Mobile Application Development and to know many experienced developers and the exciting encounters they have faced in their experience.

Click Here to check the iOS Developers Meet-up Photo Album.


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