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Introducing Klizer: Driving Distributor Growth Through eCommerce

Vibha N
June 21, 2023 |
Introducing Klizer ecommerce service | Blog banner

It’s been a little over a year since we announced our new approach to the DCKAP brand. Since 2022, DCKAP is a product company, striving to simplify commerce for distributors. This was a significant milestone in the Community’s over 18 years of history. 

A significant number of those 18 years were also spent shaping online shopping experiences for distributors via specialized ecommerce services. With this rebranding, it was time for the ecommerce services and the remarkable team behind it to don its own new brand identity. 

Meet Klizer

Why “Klizer?”

Choosing a name that matched our brand and team spirit was not an easy task. This name was nominated and selected after several considerations.

Kli denotes our clients, who are at the heart of all that we do. The letter K denotes our constant commitment to quality and modern outlook on technology and success. 

Matching this is the final half of the name — zer — based on what we offer: services that take a personalized approach to our client’s unique business challenges, and help make their vision come alive online. 

Klizer thus represents this renewed energy backed by years of industry experience in driving growth through ecommerce. 

What eCommerce Services does Klizer offer?

Klizer has comprised of a diverse team committed to offering value, experimenting, and innovation. Reach out to them for ecommerce services including:

Adobe Commerce Services

Adobe Certified Developers provide end-to-end Adobe Commerce services, from design & development to integration services.

BigCommerce Development Services

Experienced BigCommerce experts help deliver great shopping experiences through development, performance audits, and migration services among others.

Shopify & Shopify Plus Development Services

Present a storefront customized to your brand with expert Shopify and Shopify Plus services, starting from design to maintenance 

Headless Commerce 

Experience tomorrow-ready ecommerce by decoupling your store’s front and backend for easier management and faster customer experiences 

eCommerce Quality Assurance

Avoid any lapses in customer experiences by letting experts audit your ecommerce for UI/UX, patches testing, updates testing, migration testing, and more. 

ADA Compliance Service

Ensure an inclusive compliant shopping experience for all potential customers, with increased accessibility functionality.  

Mobile App Development Services

Offer customers a great shopping experience across their preferred devices, with customized mobile app services that nurture and retain customers.

Klizer is also carrying forward a robust spirit of continuous improvement and learning. Look forward to more service offerings from the team in the near future. 

DCKAP and Klizer: Going Forward Together

While the teams now go by different brand identities, we continue to revel in a shared ambition to simplify commerce and drive growth. 

DCKAP will continue to offer distributors products designed to tackle their specific needs and challenges, as it has previously with the DCKAP Integrator and DCKAP PIM.

Klizer progresses in tandem with customized service offerings for B2B businesses seeking to drive more revenue via ecommerce.

Don’t miss the latest from Klizer on LinkedIn or industry, ecommerce, and tech insights at the Klizer blog

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Vibha N

Vibha is a Content Strategy Manager at DCKAP. She has over six years of experience in content creation and social media, with two of those dedicated to the field of ecommerce, integration, and technology. She has previous experience working with various other sectors including sustainability, education, filmmaking, F&B, and more. When not knee-deep in content and conversations, she can be found geeking out on pop-culture or making her next cup of strong filter coffee.

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