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5 Latest B2C Content Marketing Trends And Strategies

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“Content is King”

We’ve probably heard this statement repeatedly. And with the IoT (Internet of Things) spreading its wings at a global level, it is only evident that content is an essential part of digital marketing. Blogs, Social media marketing, and email newsletters have served as great marketing campaigns over the past few decades. With the help of infographics, this blog illustrates three modern Content Marketing Techniques that promise faster conversion rates and ultra-personalized experiences for your end-users.

If the content is of good quality and consistently delivered, keeping in mind the latest trends and consumer requirements, a competent content marketing plan influences your end-user most productively. Below are some benefits of good content marketing:

  • Content carries an ample amount of branding along with it. This, in turn, amplifies the value of your business tremendously.
  • Exceptional content will generate leads that will convert into prospective customers.
  • In addition to new customers, content also promotes customer retention and loyalty.
  • A level of trust is built between your customers and you and also great customer relationships are upheld.
  • A business can successfully establish authority and expertise by marketing valuable content
  • All these benefits and many more ultimately drive your business to reach a new pinnacle.

Content Marketing Trends And Examples For 2020 (Explained With Infographics)

Content marketing will see a rise as we add a billion users more in the times to come, while content, in general, will (and should) become more personalized, data-driven, and authentic. Check out some of the most sought after content marketing ideas of companies and customers.


Video Blogging is a modern marketing medium that is the most widely shared among global users.

According to Cisco: “In 2020, there will be almost a million minutes of video per second crossing the internet. Cisco adds that, by then, 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video.”

Here’s an infographic explaining the W’s of video marketing:

Vlogs Content Marketing

Adobe is one such Tech giant that has used Vlogging to its advantage. Using its YouTube channel, Adobe has published numerous videos ranging from Live events to creativity-challenges to tutorial videos. Their USP in these vlogs is that they use customer interactions to bring out the best in their products. This has in turn helped Adobe earn the goodwill and trust of millions of users. 


Infographics are a visual representation of compelling content delivered in the form of pictures, text, and charts.

Posts that include images receive 650% higher engagement than text-only posts.

Why are Infographics a must-include content marketing format for every business?

Infographics - Content Marketing Trends

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions is one of the foremost and key players that provide valuable insights to marketing personnel through the LinkedIn program. Their infographics focus on the true value of content and it has helped thousands of marketers to increase their productivity. This link showcases some of the best Infographics designed by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.


With videos taking over the web traffic by multiple folds, a novel medium that users prefer to consume on the go are podcasts. Podcasts are audio posts that carry vital information, be it factual or fictional. Podcasts are a great way of promoting products and conveying expert views about a service or sharing testimonials. The following infographic elaborates more:

Podcasts Infographic - Content Marketing

HubSpot has published three podcasts each focusing on different sets of listeners and with unique purposes. Following are the links to HubSpot’s different podcasts: 


This is a perfect example of Podcasts done right, as HubSpot reached higher scales and got a vast array of audiences with their engaging and informative content.

Ultra-Targeted Emails

An ultra-targeted email is one that shows up at the right time to the right audience with the right content. An email that will force your audience to perform an action once they have opened it. That’s the power of personalization. Did you know that “Conversion rates for emails are higher than social media, direct traffic, and search? (Smart Insights)”. Bottom line, email work! With a little bit of groundwork and a whole lot of creativity, emails can be a great source of ROI.

Here’s an infographic depicting how you can segment your audience to send personalized emails:

Targeted Emails In Content Marketing

Sephora has been a pioneer in sending out personalized emails. They use customized subject lines, along with the names of every customer, and provide discounts and offers based on their interests and activity. Check out.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

Any kind of content that’s created by users of a product, that is done for free, is user-generated content. The fact that it is provided by users, adds to its credibility and makes the purchasing decision of another customer much easier. A survey suggests that almost 100% of customers trust another buyer’s reviews or testimonials. The following infographic shows 10 types of UGCs that could increase your sales almost instantly.

User Generated Content To Boost Sales

Starbucks #whitecupcontest back in 2014 is the perfect example of User-generated content, where users were asked to draw on their white cups and post pictures. This resulted in almost 4000 entries almost instantly. Ever since Starbucks has been using such hashtags to show that they value user-generated content. Know more about the contest here.


These content marketing formats are just the tip of the ice-berg. “Voice-activated” devices, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are taking over search and browsing methods among people. And putting these tech developments to best use is the need of the hour. Following are other latest techniques that leverage the power of content and make marketing more intriguing and successful:

  • Personalized landing pages based on demographics 
  • Voice searches
  • Augmented Reality (AR) 
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Use of messaging apps to deliver content to a targeted audience

What methods are you using? Let us know which of these trends you are most excited about.


Infographics developed using Canva templates

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