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Magento Enterprise Upgrade – Version 1.12.x to 1.14.x – Lessons Learnt

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The long expected Magento 2.0 version was released in Nov last year.  Magento 2.0 provides better and faster eCommerce solution to the business. The new version also has a lot of improvements in performance and scalability. New implementations are being done in Magento 2. As the ecosystem matures, more and more migrations to Magneto 2 are bound to happen.

There are merchants who are still in the ‘wait and watch’ mode and are upgrading their systems from 1.12.x to 1.14.x.This blog is about some of the lessons learnt during Magento Enterprise upgrades from 1.12.x to 1.14.x. 

Magento Enterprise Upgrade – Version 1.12.x to 1.14.x

Validation Issue

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In the checkout registration page, at times, you may face “Password Match Validation” issue. This happens when you overwrite the customer model in the local pool.  This validation issue occurs because Magento has made code changes in the validation function  in version.

Below is a screenshot that has the newer version of the code.


Add/Edit Cart Issue

After upgrading from Magento Enterprise to, the add/edit cart functionality did not work properly. The latest version validates the “Form Key” in the login/Add cart functionality. You need to pass the “Form Key Value” as  hidden to resolve this issue.

Below is a screenshot that has the newer version of the code.


Login Issue

Once the version update is done, the login functionality did not work properly. The latest version will check for the “Form Key Validation” in the Login/Add to cart functionality. You need to pass  the “Form Key Value” as hidden to resolve this issue.


Admin Order View Page Issue

When you upgrade to the latest version, and if your PHP version is lower than 5.4, then you may not be able to view the Order Details page in the Admin.

 Below is the screenshot that has the code to resolve this issue.(for PHP


How to Remove Middle Name?


At times , you may not need the Middle Initials. Please follow the below steps, if you need to remove the Middle Name in the forms of the shipping, billing and registration sections.

1. Go to the Database –  core_config_data table.

2. Execute the below SQL Query in your database.


3. Edit Value field for customer/address/middlename_show and change it to 1. It will be 0 (zero) by default.

4. Save the table.

5. Clear Cache. Delete the Cache and Session folders in var.

6. Login to Magento admin and go to the following location:
–> System –> Configuration –> CUSTOMERS –> Customer Configuration

7. Under “Name and Address Options” tab, now the option for “Show Middle Name (initial)” will be shown as “Yes”.

8. Change it to “No”.

9. Save Config and Clear Magento Cache.

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