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Magento Enterprise Upgrade Testing

April 1, 2015 |

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Upgrading your Magento eCommerce Store to the latest enterprise version can be quite a challenging task. With each website implementing an array of Plugins, ensuring an error free shopping experience after the upgrade, is of paramount importance. Have a look at our article to get an in-depth understanding of the Magento upgrade process.

To have a structured testing process, the upgrade testing can be split across 3 environments namely QA, Staging and Live servers.

Key Points For Testing:

  • Prepare a comprehensive test checklist which should cover the overall features of the website along with:
    • Front end functionalities
    • Magento admin
    • Back end cron jobs
    • Verification of Automation regression scripts and updates.
  • The checklist should have listed all the functional requirements. Snapshot of test checklist below:

Magento Upgrade Testing

  • When the site is upgraded to the newer version, perform a sanity test of the complete site. It will help to identify the fatal errors, blank pages quickly. 
  • After resolving critical errors, we need to perform the complete functional testing with the help of the checklist.
  • When testing, we keep specific attention to third party API integrations, custom modules developed for the site specific functionalities.
  • Once the site is stabilized with the functional issues resolved, conduct the regression testing of the site.
  • Conduct browser and device compatibility testing of the site thoroughly.
  • Execute the existing automation regression scripts, check for errors and update the scripts accordingly.
  • Cookies session objects will vary in different versions of Magento.  For example, in the Magento Enterprise 1.14.1, it requires a CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) form key.  It is recommended to use the Magento Test Automation Framework for regression testing along with the customized testing scripts.


Magento Upgrades
In few instances, we have noted that having a dedicated testing person for the upgrade, helps to find out defects that were invisible to the developers, specifically during Magento upgrades. The reason behind retailers opting for upgrades is to overcome the security loopholes and to implement the latest offering of Magento Enterprise. As the name says, a Magento Upgrade should upgrade the overall experience of a customer. A thorough QA procedure would ensure a glitch free experience for the customers.


Bhavani is Certified Software Test Manager and Six Sigma Green Belt. Passionate about testing eCommerce sites. Learning and implementing the latest automation tools. Mentoring.

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