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Magento 2 FAQ Extension

Jayakanth R
January 22, 2016 |

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When you enter a supermarket, there is usually a helpful attendant to answers your queries and guide you to the appropriate aisle. When a prospective customer arrives on your website, it’s like they are walking into your store. The FAQ page is the virtual equivalent of the attendant in the online world.

A good FAQ page answers repetitive questions and serves as an online customer support center. It saves valuable time (and money) for both the customer and the merchant.

Magento FAQ Extension
Key Features 
  • FAQs can be split into clearly labeled categories to help customers easily find what they’re looking for.
  • The category section in the back end gives you complete control for managing the FAQ categories on the website.
  • Powerful and accurate search functionality brings up the right questions and answers.
  • The questions can be sorted based on the number of user clicks. This means that the question that is clicked (viewed) the maximum number of times is automatically listed first.
  • If customers do not find the questions they are looking for, they can ask the question in the FAQ page itself. This will send an email to the admin, who can answer the question immediately.
  • Captcha is available to bring down spam when the customers ask questions.
  • Supports multiple store views. 

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Customer Benefits
  • Customers can click on categories that are relevant for their needs and get answers quickly.
  • Customers can perform a search to go directly to the questions (and answers) they are looking for.
  • Ask questions if they are not in the FAQ section. 

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Merchant Benefits
  • Admin has the authority to enable / disable sorting based on clicks.
  • FAQ Pages provide an opportunity to advance the conversation with the customers and help make customers comfortable with purchasing.
  • FAQ pages with right questions can lead to SEO benefits and high conversion rate.
  • Lesser time spent on answering support calls. 

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FAQ pages are a great tool to provide your customers with the information they need the most—reducing emails and phone calls to your customer support department. But it needs to be organized and managed well.

Magento 2 FAQ Extension does just that. And it is FREE.

Install this powerful and user-friendly solution NOW.

Jayakanth R

Jayakanth Rajan, (aka) Jay, is a Magento Developer Plus and Magento Front End Developer certified Software Engineer. Jay is a Magento U Authorized Instructor as well as a Magento enthusiast. He is passionate about developing Magento extensions and is always scouting for the next big product idea.

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