iphoneThough Apple has announce that the next version of its mobile platform’s Operating System iOS 6 will hit the markets this fall, to iPhone app developers disappointment it has been uncannily silent about the release of its next revolutionary  version of iPhone. There a million speculations rising each and every day, there are some so called assumptions which do have credibility even though there is a thick cloud of uncertainty surrounding them.

Security Enhancements

The deal has not been done yet but this has been one of the most credible speculations till date. It is that for security enhancements in the iPhone and Apple is planning to buy AuthenTec. It is a security provider for both mobile platform and its network. This move could prove as Authentec provides intense security such as finger print recognition, content security etc. The AuthenTec has been selling this feature for Apple’s Rival company Samsung till date.

Near-Field Communication

Passbook is a new feature that has been added to the new iOS 6. Initially it has been touted to be used as a guide to store passes for travelling, other coupons and receipts, loyalty cards etc. Analyzing this some iPhone app programmers and other analysts have speculated that this application could be used in the new iPhone as an elite program for payments using the near-field communication which is in built in Passbook.

Even in this feature AuthenTec’s name has been tagged along and speculated as the company has sufficient developments for Apple to couple and bolt any Near-Field Communication technology into the next generation iPhone.

Dock Connector 19-pin

Dock Connector

Reuters recently claimed that the new iPhone 5 has been developed with a very significant change that is the already existing 32 pin dock connector has been replaced with a 19 pin dock connector. This speculation also leads to another earlier one which mentioned that Apple was working on a micro-dock for all of its devices, not just iPhone 5.

Screen with Different Aspects

Latest alleged photos of phone have shown a very different screen for the iPhone 5 from its successor models of iPhone 4 and 4S. This is also another aspect which has been toiling with iPhone app developers heads for a very long time as this is not just an aspect of the application they might built but the whole application’s User Interface itself depends on it.

Certainty of Speculations

Though there are speculations about iPhone in every corner of the web only a very few set of them are reasonably believable. And even if these speculations are not completely trusted by the iPhone app developers, it is better to have ideas of the upcoming next generation phone.


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