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Prophet 21 and EvolutionX Integration: For Improved Efficiency & Boosted Profitability  

Aaron Pallares
December 16, 2022 |
Prophet 21 and EvolutionX integration

Many B2B organizations struggle to find the correct mix of spend to maximize their ROI when it comes to how and where to allocate their cash. Firms looking ahead are breaking down the various COVID-19 disruptions in supply chains specifically and how they can thrive despite the latter.

Any company looking to become more agile, streamlined, and resilient would do well to look at what B2B leaders are spending their budget on. B2B ecommerce ERP system integration is one of the best-kept secrets for top businesses in running a scalable and future-proof company. This is why:

For years, unified, integrated ecommerce strategies have been successful and essential to profitability and smooth business processes.

Forrester has reported various advantages of ERP-integrated ecommerce, or single-stack ecommerce as it was formerly called in 2016. Compared to companies using standalone digital commerce software, those investing in integrated ecommerce solutions observed the following improvements:

  • 63% of respondents believed that ERP-integrated ecommerce made system maintenance easier.
  • 60% thought it improved their agility.
  • 57% claimed that it simplified their company’s operations.
  • 51% were pleased with the centralized real-time data source.
  • 43% were grateful for the system’s integrated functionality and out-of-the-box usability.
  • 25% appreciated not having to recruit professional IT personnel so they could instead concentrate on important business goals.

In addition, organizations using integrated ecommerce solutions are 19% more likely than those using standalone e-commerce software to credit greater product cross-sell/upsell prospects and improved profitability per customer to ecommerce.

Beyond 2021, systems integration is necessary for business agility and future preparation.

Ecommerce is an essential tool for every company combining offline and online channels to expand their success. ecommerce is one of the best B2B channels for businesses today seeking to boost revenue.

Ecommerce is essential for 40% of B2B companies to increase revenue, competitive positioning, sales productivity, and client retention. But what happens when you sync your ERP and ecommerce platform?

Your company is not only more productive; it is also centered around an advanced, streamlined ecommerce solution that may help your company successfully transition to the digital age.

The significance of ecommerce and ERP integration was emphasized once again by Forrester in 2020, who said that “when monolithic technology becomes obsolete and less effective, the suppliers that lead the pack exhibit extensive, pre-built integrations and good business user tooling.”

Moving forward, e-commerce partners who adopt this strategy will play a role that is especially crucial, as 52% of B2B organizations believe that the largest obstacle preventing them from becoming B2B digital leaders is a lack of integration with existing and legacy systems.

By 2024, ERP e-commerce integration will be a significant development driver.

Online B2B sales will account for 13% of all B2B income in the United States by the end of 2021. By 2023, when its stake reaches $1.8T, it will increase to 17% in just two years.

Furthermore, it stands to reason that as online sales account for increasing percentages of an organization’s total income, systems integration with ecommerce will only grow in importance over time.

According to recent Gartner research, this is unquestionably the case:

More than 40% of B2B companies view systems integration as one of their top strategic investments.

According to analysts, integration between tools like ERP and e-commerce will be the key factor driving growth, increasing that percentage to 65% in 2024.

Epicor Prophet 21 Technology

The Epicor Prophet 21 (P21) features that can help boost efficiency when integrated with an eCommerce platform such as EvolutionX:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): With the help of Epicor CRM solutions, you may combine customer touch points by sharing data. You can manage sales orders, leads, contacts, and marketing campaigns using the tools that are readily available.

Business intelligence: Through dynamic dashboards, Epicor Data Analytics offers built-in reports, analytics tools, and “as of” reporting.

Order & Inventory Management: P21 receives consumer information regardless of how orders are placed (mobile, desktop, etc.). By implementing a variety of dynamic inventory replenishment solutions, you can also reduce obsolete inventory and slash carrying costs.

Financial Management: P21 includes a real-time general ledger, account billing information, customer-specific pricing and discounts, tax computations, invoicing, and the ability to automate logistics and shipping.

API: A full.NET stack is provided through the P21 API. Support for SOAP and REST is also provided, enabling Internet connectivity.

Here is a deeper insight on the Epicor Prophet 21 Technology:

DynaChange Extensibility Suite

You need software that can expand with your company as technology continuously develops and changes. The DynaChange extensibility suite enables you to customize your system to fit your business operations for increased efficiency. Without changing the application code itself, DynaChange rules let you add your own business logic to the Prophet 21 user interface. You can upgrade to a new version without changing the code, preserving all of your set rules, user-defined fields, and customized panels.

Microsoft SQL Server

Prophet 21 software is simple to learn and, when combined with the strength of Microsoft SQL, offers scalability, dependability, and real-time access to data from any commercial data analysis package. Because the efficiencies obtained can significantly boost corporate performance, the Prophet 21 system is specifically tailored for the Microsoft SQL Server.


Prophet 21 allows business apps to share data without manual importing and exporting. The API can internally modify and expand Prophet 21 to serve as an integration point for your business partners.

Flexible Implementation and Administration

Depending on how your organization develops and flourishes, you can choose to deploy Prophet 21 on-premises or in the cloud. It also allows businesses to install in French, Spanish, or English (United States) (Canada). Businesses can adjust security and permissions by user or role. P21 supports numerous divisions or businesses with a single SQL database and processes credit cards without storing private data on your system.

Sync Critical Data Between with Prophet 21 and EvolutionX Integration via DCKAP Integrator

The pain of manually managing P21 separately from your ecommerce, CRM, PIM, SCM, and other systems can be eliminated by making use of the various perks DCKAP Integrator offers. Data from these systems can be synchronized to reveal current information on:

  • Marketing with customer data and sales channels
  • Orders, transactions, and bills from both online and offline
  • Inventory availability and quantity
  • Product information, SKUs, and descriptions
  • Including dynamic and library pricing
  • Suppliers

Here are some notable features that make DCKAP Integrator a convenient solution for ERP integration for B2B, specifically for the EvolutionX platform.

Pre-Built Connectors

DCKAP Integrator allows for a seamless integration where manual coding is not required as pre-built interfaces exist for Prophet 21 and other applications.

Multi-Platform Integration

P21’s flow designers and pipe builders are simple yet sophisticated, allowing you to connect it to as many platforms as you need.

Intuitive User-Interface

The user interface of DCKAP Integrator is practical and easy to use thanks to features like drag-and-drop capabilities.

Flow Designer

With the help of DCAKP Integrator’s flow designer, Flow Designer P21 integration with EvolutionX is simple to set up and implement.

Advanced Mapping & Modifiers

With advanced mapping and modifiers, even complicated data transmission and field connection logic for P21 integrations becomes simple.

Flexible Schedule

You get to choose when and how frequently your EvolutionX systems communicate with P21, regardless of whether you need real-time data synchronization or want them to operate on a schedule.

DCKAP Integrator

Epicor P21 integration with EvolutionX enhances its overall potential business capabilities. Business operations are more effective when a secure data flow is established between Epicor P21 and the EvolutionX platform, marketplaces, CRMs, and other third-party applications through DCKAP Integrator. Using DCKAP Integrator, businesses and distributors can easily maximize efficiencies on their EvolutionX platform.

Click here to know more about how DCKAP Integrator can help you make the most of Prophet 21 and your eCommerce store.


Epicor Prophet 21 

Epicor Prophet 21 is a distinctive cloud-based company management system. This industry-leading ERP solution combines reliable distribution systems from industry leaders with a completely web-enabled infrastructure that uses HTML5, Angular JS,.NET, and SQL Server.


Created by ES Tech Group, Evolution X is a B2B eCommerce platform built for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers across industries including industrial, electrical, plumbing, gas, medical supplies, and more. 

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