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Install Quick Order: Boost Conversion Rate & Sales

Abbas Ali
May 23, 2016 |
Quick-Order Extension

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In this fast moving eCommerce world, everyone wants to do their work more quickly. People who regularly buy products from an online store, may need a quicker option to order their products without navigating to all categories to search their needs. Quick Order is one such extension which provides the customer an easy checkout user experience.

Install Quick Order Extension – Boost Conversion Rate & Sales

Quick Order

extension comprises of several essential features which enhance the online shopping experience of both B2C and B2B customers. Listed below are some of the key features…

  • Supports both simple and configurable products.
  • Products can be easily and quickly added to cart pop-up which runs in Ajax platform.


  • Multiple products can be easily added using the auto-complete and dynamic rows in the popup.
  • Simple products can be added quickly to cart, by specifying the SKU and the quantity in the text area.


  • Admin has an option to modify the number of product rows to be displayed.
  • Admin can change the number of characters required for product auto suggest result listing.
Quick Order extension helps in improving user online shopping experience and boosts the conversion rate and sales. It reduces clutter by adding a simple, intuitive interface to purchase your products.

Quick Order Extension has been approved by Magento Marketplace and is also available in DCKAP Store.

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Abbas Ali

Abbas is a Magento Developer Plus Certified Associate Architect at DCKAP. He is passionate about working with Magento and PHP frameworks. Loves adventure and travelling.

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