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Why Should You Migrate Your Online Store to Shopify?

Snigdha C
August 4, 2020 |

Shopify was launched in 2004 and today stands as one of the most robust and reliable eCommerce software in the industry. As per a report, Shopify prides itself with 23% of market share when it comes to the hosting platforms of top 1 million eCommerce sites.

One of the most important reasons for the bend of merchants towards Shopify includes ease of usage, and the availability of a host of themes when it comes to design and development. We would also like to shed light on the following Cart2Cart migration statistics, wherein Shopify stood out to be the leading platform that eCommerce owners chose for smooth ecommerce migration in 2019.

Shopify Migration

Shopify works super well for the eCommerce industry. Firstly, you do not need to worry at all about the additional server costs; it is a part of your plan and includes additional features such as access to the software, security, customer support and much more. To that effect, we would like to take you through some of the most compelling reasons to move your eCommerce website to Shopify:

Pricing worth your Enterprise

Apart from the basic Shopify plans that are available in the market, as a development agency we aim at proving the right enterprise grade solution. We work with the Shopify Plus enterprise grade plan which starts at a price of 2,000 USD per month and based on your needs, some additional costs accompany it. As a merchant, when you are aiming at selling thousands of products which are undergoing daily transactions, the costing of Shopify Plus and its additional features are the right fit for you. The biggest reason for convenience is that the pricing remains fit from the first day of signing.

Shopify Migration

Additionally, you can also look at the downgrade, upgrade and cancelling your Shopify.

While we have covered the technicalities about this platform, in the following section, we would take you through a list of seven compelling reasons why your business should move to Shopify:

1. A full fledged app store awaits you

The Shopify App store helps you integrate plenty of additional functions and features. They have more than two thousand apps which help you manage, grow and even kick start your eCommerce business. Some of the extensions we swear by include Mail Chimp, Bold Subscriptions amongst others. They all come with their own purposes and are ideal solution providers for many different business problems. The best part? The app store helps you browse the extensions based on your industry and get a theme which matches the feel and look of your business.

2. A reliable eCommerce solution

All of Shopify servers maintain a 99.8% uptime rate at an average. It also provides unlimited bandwidth which helps in handling the increase in traffic. The most crucial part to note down here is that they have a dedicated team for platform maintenance which helps in reducing the downtime and can help you prioritize other business functionalities. With less attention towards the downtime, you would always be at ease knowing that your business is running smoothly online and this is definitely one of the top reasons to migrate to Shopify.

Shopify Migration

Access the full case study for our client here.

3. The support team at your disposal

Shopify also has a dedicated support team for their trusted clientele. They are available on live chat, phone and email 24/7, 365 days of the year. As a development agency that has worked on various Shopify clients, we have seen their proactiveness in terms of troubleshooting platforms and find the easiest solution while saving up on time for their customer. Additionally, we love their help center too! It has various tutorials and resources which help you sell products and get started on time.

One of the main reasons why we absolutely support Shopify Plus is because ever since its inception, this cloud based solution for online stores and the retail point of sales systems has really earned a lot of trust. It powers over 600,000 business ventures and boasts of 82 billion USD in sales. In lesser than fifteen years, Shopify has impacted the path of how eCommerce is shaping up for products. We are seeing quite an increasing amount of new merchants who use this tool to host their stores. If you also want to hop on to the powerful bandwagon, here is how we can help you.

4. Transparent Fee Structure

Shopify is a completely open and transparent store with various pricing plans. You do not have to worry about any miscellaneous bill or be charged for something unknowingly. While the enterprise pricing comes with a host of solutions, as an agency- you can trust us and Shopify to tell you about every dollar spent wisely towards a robust eCommerce store.

Shopify Migration

5. SEO friendly and extremely beneficial for better ranking

Another main reason why we strongly recommend migrating to Shopify, is because of their strong SEO game. As you migrate, your product URLs would most definitely change. However, the convenienc here is that this will still have no ill effect on your search engine rankings. We give special attention to this particular feature.

We create the right redirects for the page, minimize the changes on page as well and then monitor the duplicate changes too while keeping up with your page performance. One of the biggest misconceptions that keep people from migrating to a better platform is actually the fear of losing SEO rankings. But, here is how we look at the bright side. Use high performing keywords, cut out on the length of URL strings and use a more compact and easy directory that helps you up your SEO game while increasing your revenue.

6. Secure hosting and even more secure transactions

You can always trust Shopify to secure your hosting as well as account information. They have invested quite a significant amount of money and time in ensuring that their clientele always feels secure. This can be reflected in their Level PCI certification. This industry leading security tool does not only cover an online store, but also entails hosting as well as securing the shopping cart.

Shopify Migration

7. Ease of scalability

Shopify is all set to undertake scalability which is crucial for your business to succeed. The ability of scalability is going to determine your growth & success. Shopify Plus, the enterprise grade solution is made just for that. Once we develop the store for you, you will have an assigned Merchant Success Manager who would also be able to help you determine your business goals as well as position your future growth.

Shopify Migration

Performance: The ace reason

As official Shopify Plus partners, we strongly recommend this platform for all of the aforementioned reasons, but mainly because we are sticklers for unparalleled performance. Shopify stands as the primary hosted eCommerce platform which has a Content Delivery Network inculcated in it.

This gives Shopify an edge as it amplifies both- mobile & web delivery. It accelerates dynamic assets and effortlessly carries out caching the content. As it serves images faster, this can help in reducing traffic and also in improving the performance of the site.

In a nutshell: All the benefits you need

We strongly recommend Shopify Plus for additional and beautiful themes, and comes with a host of professional marketing tools. It also has a host of payment gateways to support your eCommerce business and the great SEO capabilities of the platform make it quite a strong contender worth hosting your eCommerce business.

Migrate to Shopify

If you aim at migrating your store to Shopify Plus, you can consider the following scenarios. Manual, assisted or even automated lie as options. However, we still recommend you to go with an expert- as automated migrated solutions are what will ensure that your business does not suffer at all and only gets the benefits that Shopify Plus entail.

In our tryst with Shopify Plus and hosting different clients on this platform, we have seen that it really helps in reducing the overhead expenses. With Shopify as your choice for migration, it definitely would help your business evolve along side the ever expanding eCommerce industry.

Snigdha C

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