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Snippets From The 10th Chennai Magento Meetup

Barath Vignesh
January 29, 2019 |

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Behind every successful meetup, there is a passionate and enthusiastic community. The community gives life to the meetups by bringing in fresh ideas, spreading the word, learning and sharing what they know.

The 10th Chennai Magento Meetup, held on 25th, Jan 2019 (Friday) was no exception. The agenda of the meetup was to share our experiences on “How to approach Magento 2 Certification?”.

Magento 2 certification is a highly valued certification in the market. No wonder there was an impressive turnout of Magento 2 certification aspirants. Most of the aspirants were working as Magento developers in different domains and various companies across Chennai.

DCKAP has a fair share of Magento 2 Certified Developers, and the meetup aimed to pool together the knowledge and learnings with the aspirants.


5:00 PM

– 5:15 PM Registration & Networking
5:15 PM –  5:30 PM Magento community – A source to learn about Magento certifications
5:30 PM –  6:00 PM Magento 2 Certified developers share their learnings
6:00 PM – 6:50 PM How to approach Magento 2 Certification?
6:50 PM – Networking & High Tea

Experience sharing session

The event kick-started with a discussion on the role played by the Magento Community in spreading and spearheading knowledge and awareness. Guidelines to take part and contribute to the Magento Community was also discussed. Pooja Sekar, Head of Customer service – DCKAP Store, a Magento 2 certified professional developer handled this session.

In the next session, Barath (Yes, it’s me) and Haritha (both Magento 2 certified professional developers) shared their experiences on preparing for the certification exam. The ‘experience sharing’ sessions were useful for the aspirants to understand the challenges of Magento 2 certification. This session lasted about half an hour and ended with an engaging Q&A session.

magento 2

How to approach Magento 2 Certification?

The final session was from a passionate Magento programmer, and the topic was “How to approach Magento 2 Certification?”

Suresh, Technical Architect, and Team Lead handled the first half of the session. He explained the expected pattern of questions, their scale of difficulty and the time crunch faced by the aspirants.

As an example, he took up two interesting scenarios that form the foundation of Magento and explained how not be to be tricked by distracting options.

Jayakanth Rajan

, Magento U authorized trainer, Magento 2 certification Advisory board member and M2 certified developer handled the second half of the session. Jay elaborated about the approaches to Magento 2 certification and explained the best practices to prepare for the same.

Magento developers have a big advantage preparing for the certification as their development experience will help them to understand the questions better. Attending Magento U Authorized Magento 2 training will help to boost their confidence.

The event ended with a vote of thanks by Mohan Natarajan, Customer Success Manager at DCKAP and also the organizer of Chennai Magento Meetup.

Thanks to everyone who attended the meetup and everyone else who helped organize this wonderful event.

If you are from TamilNadu, India and have not yet joined our meetup group, please join here.

Thank you and see you all again at our next Magento Meetup.

Barath Vignesh

With 2+ years of experience, Barath is also a Magento 2 certified professional developer. He has worked in the leading global e-commerce platforms like Magento and Hybris. He is always interested in learning newer technologies and languages. To unwind, he prefers bike rides which is one of his greatest joys and would spend his weekends with quality bike ride. Hunting new restaurants and experiencing different cuisines has become his hobby in recent times.

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