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Updated Extensions of Magento Simplifies Work for Developers

April 5, 2013 |
Web Development

The way any object, offer or sale which is presented to the audience over the online platform captures the attention used to be underestimated but today it has become one of the leading industries which is growing rapidly.

The importance of each and every entity which is present in an e-store however trivial it is plays an important role in affecting the psyche of the user in getting connected with the e-store that has been developed by the Magento commerce developer. These marketing techniques which are employed today using social networks and social media websites have become very significant in the development and scaling of the business. Extensions which are used by developers are provided by the Magento developers to make the tasks of each other simple. The community which is filled with Magento ecommerce programmers is an active one and has been providing the developers with latest news and updates on the Magento platform.

There Magento extensions help the administrators of e-stores to provide their customers or users with options which can link them to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. Magento Connect the marketplace for extensions have come up with various new updates in their platform where they have removed many older versions of extensions which have become outdated and redundant with the rapid scaling of the platform. By removing such outdated extensions the team has announced that the newly updated extensions will be featured and highlighted so that they will be utilized properly by the Magento ecommerce programmers.

The new editorial section which is include in Connect recently allows the merchants to view the extensions in a refined way which will help them access to extensions which are of high importance. With such enhancements happening in the Connect Marketplace every Magento programmer can utilize the efficiencies optimally.

Extensions which are used by developers in Magento are provided by the Magento developers to make the tasks of each other simple while implementing the Magento Development services


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