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With Advanced Features Rails Stays as Favorite

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The frequency at which Ruby on Rails, written in Rails programming language, is chosen as a framework to develop web applications is highly superior to other open source technologies.

Rails, as it is often called as, is an open source platform which uses the object oriented programming language enabling Ruby on Rails developers to develop simple and competent web applications rich in interactivity and flexibility.

One of the features which intrigue programmers to turn into Ruby on Rails programmers is the simplicity of the platform to ease the process of writing code for even the most complex of developments. By allowing every Ruby on Rails developer to analyze a project based on convention instead of concentrating on the configuration, the process of development is made almost effortless.

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By relaxing convention at instances where the relaxation doesn’t make much of an impact to the development the Ruby on Rails programmer can tweak the configuration part of coding to customize the project. This saves a lot of time and effort enabling in the completion of projects at a rapid pace. Using the Model View Controller, Rails simplifies the coding aspect of the development as MVC organizes the structure of the coding that is done.

By doing this the related code gets highlighted in the project and the complexity of the code gets diminished. This MVC feature also helps in segregating the project into three parts: Model, View and Controller. The model takes care of the interactivity part of the project which deals with databases, servers etc. The model separates the web application from the rest of the backend and the controller.

These are some of the aspects which make developing Ruby on Rails development highly effective and simply effortless. And with such advanced features provided by this platform the developers using it are definitely not looking for an alternative.


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