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Acme Paper & Supply Co.

Acme Paper

With an extensive catalog of products, learn how Acme Paper has gained the ability to manage all of its order processing in one central location with EvolutionX and Netsuite ERP Integration.

About Acme Paper

Acme Paper & Supply Co., Inc. is a renowned wholesale packaging distributor. Being in the industry for more than 70 years, they have an established client base in Virginia and Washington, DC. Maryland, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and several other major cities.

They cover five divisions: foodservice packaging, restaurant equipment and small wares, industrial packaging, janitorial equipment and cleaning supplies, and finally, retail packaging.

The Challenge

Acme Paper reached out to us for EvolutionX & NetSuite ERP Integration, which will help them streamline their internal processes and improve customer service. The integration will enable them to configure custom views and reports in NetSuite, which the EvolutionX platform can use. Our goal was to provide the best possible solution for Acme Paper while maintaining flexibility and control over the system. The Acme Paper ERP integration project began with a review of their current situation. They wanted to understand the level of complexity involved in managing their paper inventory and production processes. Our team gathered all relevant information about the process flow for processing orders, receipting products, and invoicing customers. Then we developed a detailed plan for implementing ERP integration into Acme Paper’s business processes.

Integration Pipelines

There were a total of seven integration pipes:

  • Customer Contexting – Data Flows From Netsuite to EvolutionX
  • Product Sync- Data Flow From NetSuite to EvolutionX
  • Customer Pricing Codes- Data Flow From NetSuite to EvolutionX
  • Customer Product Sync – Data Flow From NetSuite to EvolutionX
  • Quotes Sync- Data Flow From EvolutionX to NetSuite
  • Order Sync- Data Flow From EvolutionX to NetSuite
  • Order Status Syn- Data Flow From NetSuite to EvolutionX
The Outcome

Data Management

In the past, data was manually entered into NetSuite. This meant that when there was any change in the system, it would have to be manually updated in NetSuite.

Now with EvolutionX and NetSuite integration, data is automatically updated in both systems as soon as any change occurs in the database. As a result, there is no manual data entry on either system. In addition, there is no need for any pre-work as all changes are tracked automatically. This provides improved accuracy and reduces human errors.

Custom Pricing Management

Custom pricing management was one of the key benefits of EvolutionX integration with NetSuite ERP.

Currently, Acme Paper maintains two different pricing structures for each customer. These pricing data are stored in a separate database and only viewable in NetSuite.

  • NetSuite CPC pricing – which can have more than one customer attached
  • NetSuite CPL pricing – which will be for one customer

We’ve created a custom API to pull this pricing which is stored in a separate database, and synced these into EvolutionX.

Parent-Child Accounts

Acme Paper has a parent-child concept with their companies. The ERP can’t support these kinds of parent-child concepts.

However, EvolutionX does support Parent-Child Customer accounts. This concept allows the accounts to have different product visibilities, prices, user roles, and different shipping addresses.

Customer Codes

Customer codes are unique product codes for each product to each customer. This distinct code allows a customer to find the product easily on the storefront. Each customer product code is exclusive and not shared with other customers.


Easier setup for their product catalog:

The company has a large catalog of products, and they wanted to create a single view of all their products.

The product catalog was created in NetSuite ERP and then exported to EvolutionX, which was imported into the product catalog. This way, the company now finds it easy to set up the product catalog.

Better management of prices from their store using integration:

They now get better information about the prices on their website, making it easier to manage prices. They can also compare other offers to choose the most profitable one. The integration also helps new avenues of gaining revenue based on pricing schemes or adding new products or services to their catalogs.

Easier quotes and order management:

Quotes integration allows the customer to inquire about the products and their services. We’ve built a dynamic quote integration where the data flows from EvolutionX to Netsuite ERP, to facilitate this process faster.

With the NetSuite ERP integration, Acme Paper has gained the ability to manage all of its order processing in one central location. This means that all of the different elements of an order are handled by the same team, which increases efficiency and reduces errors. As a result, Acme Paper can deliver more orders faster than before the integration.

Additionally, Acme Paper has gained access to NetSuite’s powerful order management system. Using this system, they can track every step in a customer’s order process and ensure they are not missing any critical information. This ensures that all orders are processed as quickly as possible and that no mistakes are made when processing orders.

Acme Paper also uses NetSuite ERP for its accounting functions, and this integration allows them to streamline these processes. They can use multiple financial reports at once instead of having them spread out across multiple systems, making it easier for them to keep track of their finances without constantly switching between systems or databases.

The Bottom Line
  • Manual work got reduced due to the integrations of orders, quotes, and product pricing of each customer.
  • Since a huge amount of data is being handled, integration avoids data mismatches or discrepancies between EvolutionX and NetSuite ERP.
  • A huge obstacle for companies is the performance of the third party that is used to keep both eCommerce and ERP updated. DCKAP integrator provides optimized performance, allowing the customer to see real-time pricing.
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