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Aliquantum International

Aliquantum International

Blending Backend Data For Business Growth With Distribution One ERP and BigCommerce Integration.

About Aliquantum International

Founded in the spirit of entrepreneurship, AQI has long been committed to building brands and products that deliver a positive and fulfilling consumer experience. As a lifestyle branded company, they engineer, manufacture, and sell products proud to put the AQI name behind.

AQI’s brands engage consumers of all ages across various product categories. Through strong partnerships, talented team members, and the trust of our shareholders Aliquantum International Inc. continues to elevate the consumer experience in the lifestyle brand category.



For years, AQI Website was built and runs their site in BigCommerce, a rock-solid platform that elevates businesses by delivering lightning-fast commerce experience and helping brands grow without complexity.

ERP System

AQI was using Distribution One ERP for timely reporting of all the processes inside the company and consolidating all the processed data into a single system to manage customer relations, supply chains, and so on.

Challenges Faced

Manual data entry is an arduous task – whether it is errors while feeding data, depicting the same information in multiple ways or delay in delivery of services – businesses have to be on their heels always to avoid these inconsistencies. Even a single error in the data may cost you dearly. And this was why AQI decided to take a plunge into automation with innovation.

These are the challenges of manual data entry:

  • Time Consuming
  • Occurrence of Data Errors
  • Inconsistent Data
  • Too Much Redundancy
  • Enormous Data to Save
  • Difficulty Analyzing Reports
Business Requirements

DCKAP, an end-to-end eCommerce solution provider, helped AQI move to a better infrastructure by building a new website on BigCommerce. After successfully building the online store, DCKAP Integrator walked in to integrate its ERP and eCommerce to ease the complexities and ensure smooth data flow between multiple predefined parameters.


DCKAP Integrator Integration Experts outlined the Distribution One ERP – BigCommerce Integration Process and put data-sync on preeminent priority. These were planned beforehand so our client can spend more time growing their business and less time worrying about data transfer and manual maintenance. The following were the business use cases that were implemented for AQI using DCKAP Integrator:

Customer Sync

The up-to-date Inventory information will be synchronized between Distribution One ERP and BigCommerce. In this data flow, only the quantity will be updated; once every three hours. If the stock is zero in ERP, we set it to display as ‘Out of Stock’ in the BigCommerce storefront. DCKAP Integrator also gave options where clicking ‘Yes’ would get the data, and ‘No’ remains the same.

Data Flow: Distribution One ERP to BigCommerce

Order Sync

Whenever an order is processed in BigCommerce, the team at DCKAP Integrator has set the sync of Orders Information such as Order Details, Line Items, Shipping Details, and so on, from BigCommerce to Distribution One ERP. With this, they could not just streamline orders but also provide a quicker, more efficient sales cycle without any processing constraints.

Data Flow: BigCommerce to Distribution One ERP

Pricing Sync

Any changes or additions in product prices get updated frequently from Distribution One to BigCommerce. If the Zero Price update comes from ERP, the same leads to an option in DCKAP Integrator where the admins can choose ‘Yes’ to update details in BigCommerce and ‘No’ to refrain from doing so henceforth no changes will be displayed in the eCommerce store.

Data Flow: Distribution One ERP to BigCommerce

Distribution One ERP + BigCommerce: Post-Integration Scenario

The experts at DCKAP Integrator have successfully rolled out the above-said data flows between Inventory, Orders, and Pricing, so there is seamless synchronization between all the touchpoints integrated and involved. We were also able to overcome the earlier challenges that AQI were facing. Now with these integrations in place, the work can be done faster with automation, quick syncing of data and no errors whatsoever. Aliquantum International Inc was able to encompass people and processes with DCKAP Integrator helping them to eliminate manual data entry and thereby save lots of time and employee efforts.

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