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Atlas Commerce

Atlas Commerce

The Atlas Commerce - P21 Integration will empower Atlas Commerce, a trusted B2B eCommerce platform, to automate data transfer through the DCKAP integrator, improving business efficiency while saving time.

About Atlas Commerce

Atlas Commerce is a leading provider of Commerce solutions that help businesses maximize their revenue by providing them with the tools they need to sell their products, services and ideas. Atlas Commerce’s solutions are used by thousands of small businesses around the world. Atlas Commerce has built an impressive client base and is growing each day due to its simple yet powerful features and the flexibility it offers to its users.

The Challenge

Atlas Commerce is relatively a new eCommerce platform to DCKAP and initially their APIs had certain limitations to acclimatizing to the ERP integration but the DCKAP and Atlas Commerce Teams collaboratively worked together and successfully achieved the B2B Integration. This puts us in a strong position to be able to easily handle future integrations with Atlas Commerce and ERPs.

Integration Pipelines

There is a total of FOUR integration pipelines as follows:

  • Customer Sync – Data Flows From Atlas Commerce to P21
  • Order Create – Data Flows From Atlas Commerce to P21
  • Order Processing – Data Flows FromP21 to Atlas Commerce
  • Product Create & Update – Data Flows From P21 to Atlas Commerce
The Solution

Despite being the first attempt, DCKAP Integrator could successfully perform the integrations seamlessly using the Atlas Commerce APIs and DCKAP’s custom-built P21 APIs.

The Integration of Atlas Commerce was done in two steps:

1) Identifying all the business processes, rules, and conditions that Atlas Commerce supports and mapping them to DCKAP Integrator processes, rules, and conditions.

2) The second step involved mapping all the data from Atlas Commerce into the existing ERP system. This would involve converting all the data into a format compatible with the ERP system.

The Outcome

We helped Atlas Commerce by creating custom integrations, which gave them more flexibility when working with their client’s data. This helped Atlas Commerce become more efficient and increase its sales and profits.

DCKAP Integrator enabled Atlas Commerce – P21 integration offered them the following perks:

  • Hours saved — Atlas Commerce – P21 Integration eliminated manual data entry and processing, thus enabling Atlas Commerce to save hours in manual labor.
  • Cost Savings — Costs associated with tedious processes and potential human error have been circumvented thanks to the integration.
  • Faster Loading Time — The Integration enabled Atlas Commerce to load faster and reduce the number of failed attempts at loading a particular product or category.
  • Better Efficiency — Reduced incorrect transfers by 99%, making the systems and workflows more efficient and accurate.
The Bottom Line

At the end of our project, we successfully merged two ERP systems using the DCKAP Integrator. It’s also worth mentioning that the integration solution provided was cost-effective and efficient. We are thrilled with the results.


Atlas Commerce


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Atlas Commerce & P21 Integration


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