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Leveraging their legacy with P21 and Evolution X Integration





Madison Heights, Michigan



Electrical Discharge Machines


eCommerce Platform

Evolution X

ERP platform

P21 [Prophet 21]

Integration Syncs Done



EDM Supplier leverages a migrated eCommerce website and intuitive integrations for saved costs and improved insights

Established in 1960, Belmont Equipment & Technologies is a well-recognized name in Electrical Discharging Machine supplies. Learn how they upgraded customer experiences using Integrator by connecting their Evolution X eCommerce and Prophet 21 ERP.


Moving to a new eCommerce website and all the existing data had to be migrated. They wanted to integrate ERP and eCommerce for better efficiency in running their business.

The Need For Integration

Understood requirements and connected their critical data points to ensure seamless data flow between ERP and eCommerce. Also, eliminated manual data entry with intuitive integrations.

The Need For Integration

eCommerce has transformed the way customers interact with companies. With products selling in single clicks and reaching their homes thereby providing a low-effort experience – The world is changing the way customers shop sitting in the comfort of their homes.

Similarly, Belmont has been providing innovative solutions for both electrical discharge machines and EDM supplies. Earlier, they were hosted on another eCommerce platform and moved to Evolution X to give their customers a more immersive shopping experience.

All the old data in their earlier-hosted website had to be migrated and updated into the Evolution X server. And this meant – literally all the data – from SKUs, images, tech specs, product descriptions, and more.

But this time, Belmont was clear on integrating their eCommerce with ERP to not miss out on superior benefits like reduced operating costs, automatic data transfer, eliminating manual data entry, and greater insights.

And if you are wondering if all this is possible, it sure is, with the help of the DCKAP Integrator. We are thankful for Evolution X’s partner who recommended DCKAP to Belmont. Looking at our expertise and proven track record, they got in touch with us to connect and create better customer experiences and ease of managing everything with DCKAP Integrator.

P21 and Evolution X Integration

Belmont, being at the forefront of serving customers for over 60 years, has pioneered the EDM Industry by researching and developing solutions that have helped companies scale faster. Now, they wanted to integrate their P21 ERP with Evolution X to provide an even more enhanced customer experience. Because being in an industry for more than 60 years is not an easy thing and they wanted to do everything the right way to keep their current customers intact and make new customers come in.

They wanted to automate the entire process of data transfer between ERP and eCommerce so that their employees could spend more time with tasks that can bring more revenue to their streams. Below, we’ve listed out the data points that we connected between P21 and Evolution X using DCKAP Integrator to ensure a seamless flow of data between both ends.

  1. Product Sync: P21 > Evolution X
  2. Customer Sync: P21 > Evolution X
  3. Inventory Sync: P21 > Evolution X
  4. Quote Sync: Evolution X > P21 (Dynamic Call)*

*For Quote Sync, a dynamic call will be created with the prospect’s request for a quote on the website, and the specific quote is fetched from the eCommerce forefront and gets generated via the ERP Solution.

Impact After Integration

Employees of Belmont need not spend more time entering and checking data to and fro – whether it is updated and recorded correctly in both the ends of ERP and eCommerce. DCKAP Integrator ensured automatic and timely data transfer between both ends so there is one single data present at all customer and company touchpoints, wherever the products are listed.

Also, automatic data transfer led to the elimination of manual data entry. And as we earlier mentioned, the team can now focus on business-uplifting tasks without having to worry about data irregularities as there is a strong system in place which thoroughly checks and updates data at both ends.

By using User Login, real-time quotes can be generated and displayed to the customers in the frontend. Gone are the times when prospective customers had to wait to know how much it costs to place an order. Now, the time is saved and the process is effective – for both Belmont and its customers.

The last thing any brand would want to happen is a customer placing an order only to see there’s no stock of the product currently available in the warehouse. To overcome this, DCKAP Integrator created Inventory Sync so that the details of inventory stored in ERP are updated up-to-date in the eCommerce system and shown to the customers.

The team at DCKAP Integrator has also simplified the Customer Logic. We’ve set customer restrictions on who can see what. The team has achieved this by setting specific rules for specific customers. One hurdle we encountered here was fixing the earlier issues and encompassing them by creating custom code exclusively for Belmont and making it seamless.

For an established brand like Belmont that lives up to its “Everything for EDM” slogan, the crew of DCKAP Integrator are happy to have collaborated with a visionary. With fast sync of data, accurate business insights, and the ability to make better decisions, we hope Belmont explores and achieves new areas of growth – after ERP and eCommerce Integration – in the times to come


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