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DCKAP Integrator helps to reduce internal IT costs that could be associated with reviewing and correcting failures.

- Nina M., Process Improvement Manager

About Belmont

Established in 1960, Belmont Equipment & Technologies is a well-recognized name in Electrical Discharging Machine supplies. They upgraded customer experiences by connecting their EvolutionX ecommerce and Prophet 21 (P21) ERP using DCKAP Integrator.

  • The customer was moving to a new ecommerce platform. All the data from the old site had to be migrated to the new site.
  • The changes made in the ERP were not reflected in the eCommerce portal automatically; they had to be done manually.
  • Customer-related changes and restrictions in the ERP were not reflected in the eCommerce platform. Manual intervention was required.
  • The inventory status of the product stock did not appear on the ecommerce site.
  • Product-related changes made in the ERP were not reflected in the ecommerce site.
  • At times, there was a mismatch between the data in the ecommerce platform and the ERP. This needed to be addressed.
The Need For Integration

Belmont wanted to move to EvolutionX from another ecommerce platform to give their customers a better user experience. All the old data—from SKUs, images, tech specs, product descriptions, and more—hosted on their initial website had to be migrated and updated in EvolutionX.

Belmont also wanted to integrate their ecommerce with ERP to not miss out on superior benefits like:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Automatic data transfer
  • Eliminating manual data entry
  • More accurate, real-time data

We are thankful for EvolutionX’s partner, who recommended DCKAP to Belmont. Based on our expertise and track record, they contacted us to connect and create better customer experiences and ease of management with DCKAP Integrator.

P21 and Evolution X Integration

Belmont wanted to automate the entire process of data transfer between ERP and eCommerce so that their employees could spend more time on tasks that could bring more revenue to their streams.

Here are the data points that we connected between P21 and EvolutionX using the DCKAP Integrator, allowing a seamless flow of data between both ends.

  • Product Sync: P21 > EvolutionX
  • Customer Sync: P21 > EvolutionX
  • Inventory Sync: P21 > EvolutionX
  • Quote Sync: EvolutionX > P21 (Real Time) *

* For Quote Sync, a real time data connection will be provided when a prospect requests a quote on the website. The specific quote is fetched from the eCommerce (EvolutionX) frontend and gets generated via the ERP (P21) solution.



ERP platform

Epicor Prophet 21


EvolutionX & P21

Benefits of Evolution X and Epicor P21 Integration
  1. The DCKAP Integrator ensured automatic and timely data transfer between both EvolutionX and Epicor P21. This ensured that unified information and accurate data were present at all customer and company touchpoints. Integration also eliminated the need for repetitive, manual data entry.
  2. Availability of complete product information, including product names, descriptions, product dimensions, product status, product keywords, product features, and product visibility across systems.
  3. Real-time quotes: When the buyer logs in and creates a quote, it is also created in real-time directly in the ERP. The prospective customer immediately learns how much it costs to place an order.
  4. The last thing any brand would want is a customer placing an order only to see there’s no stock of the product currently available in the warehouse. To prevent this, DCKAP Integrator created inventory sync so that the details of inventory stored in ERP are updated and displayed to customers.
  5. Based on Belmont’s inputs, we simplified the customer logic. We’ve set customer restrictions on who can see what. The team has achieved this by setting specific rules for specific customers.
  6. For customer, inventory, and product sync, if there was any mismatch between the ERP and ecommerce, alert emails were sent about the specific mismatch, so that it could be fixed.
“ We enjoy the custom e-mail alerts that the Integrator team built for us. The custom e-mail alerts non-tech savvy users as to when an error occurs and potential next steps to take to troubleshoot integration failures. This helps to reduce internal IT costs that could be associated with reviewing and correcting failures. DCKAP Integrator is user friendly and the support team is very responsive."
-- Nina M., Process Improvement Manager

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