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About Dynatronics

Dynatronics, headquartered in greater Salt Lake City, Utah is a medical device company committed to providing quality restorative products designed to accelerate one to optimal health.

They design, manufacture and sell a broad range of products for clinical use in physical therapy, rehabilitation, pain management, athletic training, and more.

Business Requirements

Dynatronics was running their eCommerce business on Magento 2 and using Infor ERP to tackle their backend operations. They wanted to integrate both their ERP and eCommerce systems and leverage data for visibility across operations.

Manual Data Entry is an uphill task! A small error can lead to a big crisis. And a company cannot take chances. Even if you manage to address all of these possible pitfalls, it is more or less completely impossible to eradicate the risks of manual data entry.

Apart from this, Dynatronics wanted to gain a better understanding and 360-degree view of department-specific operations with real-time data, which can only be achieved by the syncing of data between use cases.

Integration Solutions

When it is not okay to place your employees in situations where they daily (or often) have to manually enter data for keeping everything consistent and correct, the most efficient way is to integrate and let systems do the work. While you can be more efficient. While you can be less worried. Below are the essential use cases that DCKAP Integrator integrated for Dynatronics.

Customer Sync

All the details of the customer such as name, address, order details, and more are set for bi-directional sync to and fro from Magento 2 to Infor. This way, the respective employees will be aware of the customer details to process and track orders.

Data Flow: Magento 2 <> Infor

Product Sync

From Infor to Magento 2, everything related to products and its information will be processed in the backend ERP and sent to the eCommerce store so there exists a single source of truth. This includes Inventory Sync also.

Data Flow: Infor > Magento 2

Order Sync

Every time an order is placed in Magento, the order along with details, nature of the product, buyer info, and more is synchronized from Magento 2 to Infor for order processing and further order fulfillment.

Data Flow: Epicor P21 to Salesforce

Order Processing Sync

After the order is received, the details are synced from Infor to Magento 2, where the quantity and type of product are gathered and prepared for shipment. Also, the details of when the customer would receive the consignment they’ve ordered.

Pricing Sync

To keep the products and pricing data consistent across the channel, the product information is synced from Infor to Magento 2. This can provide a single source of truth, details within reach for the seller and buyer, more satisfied customers, and (hopefully) high sales.

Data Flow: Infor > Magento 2

Address Sync

If the address (or ship-to address) of any user is added or updated to Magento, the new details are reflected in the backend Infor ERP as well. The last thing a customer would expect is their shipment reaching the wrong address.

Data Flow: Magento 2 > Infor

Benefits of Magento Infor Integrations

Manually updating data can be a time-consuming and laborious process if the data is scattered and when the company uses diverse platforms to store its key data. But for Dynatronics, which is a manufacturer and distributor of rehabilitation equipment, no longer needs to linger on the same now. DCKAP Integrator Connector integrated the key data points to ensure faster data flow between eCommerce and ERP, at all times.

Moreover, it is convenient to maintain orders in Infor ERP. The orders scale along with the company and it is not good news if the company does not have a connected and robust backend to track and process the orders.

The data, when entered into Magento or Infor, is equipped by DCKAP Integrator with instant data migration, so there is not a single beat that goes missing. All the data can be checked and assessed anytime, from anywhere.

The Customers Data has been set with bidirectional data sync (i.e.) both to and fro from Infor and Magento 2. This way, all the details or any additions made to the existing customers, irrespective of where it happens, are updated both in the ERP and the frontend eCommerce log.

Also, a Dynamic Pricing Sync has been enabled to get the product price based on the customer. All the above syncs that DCKAP Integrator has integrated are performed automatically, so the employees at Dynatronics can save a lot of time and effort, which is otherwise spent on manual exporting and entering of all the data.

Empowered with the latest and consistent information, the team at Dynatronics can leverage the power of data for decision making, solve customer queries quickly, and improve sales.




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