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Crafting compelling customer experiences with P21 and HubSpot Integrations.

About Hi-Tech Fasteners

For over 30 years, Hi-Tech Fasteners (HTF) has built a proven track record stocking a diverse inventory of standard and non-standard items. Customers trust us as a dependable partner with a complete understanding of prototyping, design process, and the first production runs.

As an ISO-certified, master-stocking distributor of electronic hardware, fasteners, and components to customers around the world, they carry a diverse inventory from the best brands in the industry through their distribution facilities in the United States and Canada.

Same Day Shipping on Most Orders: Our sales team is comprised of industry veterans with decades of experience who truly understand how parts are used. Whatever the need, they have the experience to help. HTF has steadily grown from a local distributor to an international brand with a diverse inventory that enables it to deliver more quickly and efficiently.

Why Integrate?

Businesses are growing at an exponential pace than ever before, which means employees across your company need immediate access to key customer data.

Do your employees use multiple systems to store data? Is the process of filling those data fields taking more time than expected? Want to avoid double-doing a single work due to entering the same customer data twice in different systems due to the absence of a comprehensive integration?

Hi-Tech Fasteners understood manual data entry would do no good in the present and in the times to come. Firstly, it is time-consuming and drains out employees’ productivity. Secondly, there are chances of error and quality checkers will be required. And finally, why still manual when the same can be done swifter by automating the process.

Our client decided to eliminate the manual process, once for all.

Technology: Hubspot + P21

Hi-Tech Fasteners was using Hubspot, a marketing automation tool to connect with the customers and Prophet 21 ERP to disseminate all the backend data to monitor the overall stability of their business.

They wanted to integrate Hubspot and Prophet 21 ERP for bidirectional sync of customer data that saves a lot of time, helping to get deeper insights into the customer with instantaneous synchronization.


Duplicate data or inconsistent data can be a major headache for software users. Sometimes the smallest of the mistakes is what leads to impact the business, in a not so good way. After understanding what our client wanted to achieve with integration, the solution specialists of DCKAP Integrator offered the below integrations of use-cases for bi-directional data transfer between HubSpot and ERP.

Customer Sync: Use Case #1

Customer Creation from HubSpot to P21: A new company will be created in Hubspot. This way, the brand has everything they need with ample space for data-guided open communication and collaboration.

Data Flow: Bidirectional (HubSpot < > P21)

Customer Sync: Use Case #2

Contact Creation from HubSpot to P21: A new contact will be assigned within a company. Looking to the present, there will furthermore be no chances of data inconsistency in different channels.

Data Flow: Bidirectional (HubSpot < > P21)

Customer Sync: Use Case #3

Customer Creation from P21 to HubSpot: If a new customer is tied to a contact in P21, the customer/contact data will get synced to Hubspot that helps the team to quickly find the information they need.

Data Flow: Bidirectional (HubSpot < > P21)

Post-Integration: HubSpot + P21

Now that the data orchestration between HubSpot and P21 is automated, Hi-Tech Fasteners will no longer have to worry about manual data entry that would take hordes of their employees’ time. This integration, by keeping all data in one stronghold, gathers all the information to learn more about their customers. Hi-Tech Fasteners had big plans for the future and our team at DCKAP Integrator are glad to have delivered what they dreamed to attain seamless data transfer and attract more profits.

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