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Jendco Safety Supply

Jendco Safety Supply

Bridging data to empower business.

About Jendco Safety Supply

Selling everything that has got to do something with safety. From safety surplus clothing to cold-weather gear and dust extractors to material handling, and even more. Jendco Safety Supply is committed to being a high-performance global distributor offering not only safety products but value-added services to their customers as well. They provide superior service, technical assistance, and broad product selection to meet the needs of our customers, now and in the future

JENDCO Safety Supply
Business Requirements

Selling on Mirakl elevates the chances of increasing the revenue due to the huge influx of website visitors. However, Jendco Safety wanted to bridge the data which includes all the offers information, inventory, and orders to maintain a single source of information across both channels. They approached DCKAP Integrator to connect their BigCommerce store with Mirakl to ensure the smooth passage of data to and fro and thereby increasing customer experience as well as organizational efficiency.

Integration Solutions

Check out how DCKAP Integrator bridged the gap for Jendco Safety Supply by synchronizing data updates between BigCommerce and Mirakl, giving no space that leads to inconsistencies in the backend books.

Offer Sync

All the offers that Jendco Safety Supply puts up for sale shall be integrated into the Mirakl marketplace from BigCommerce. Any changes pertaining to the same will be reflected in the domain where the data is synced.
Data Flow : BigCommerce -> Mirakl

Inventory Sync

The level and details of inventory currently present are synced to Mirakl. Knowing the stock levels helps Jendco to plan its finances and pre-order the required inventory.
Data Flow : BigCommerce -> Mirakl

Offer Sync

Now that the offers are made available in Mirakl — The offers placed in the marketplace will be synced to BigCommerce. The sync includes all the details related to the order and the customer who made the purchase.
Data Flow : BigCommerce -> Mirakl

Order Processing Sync

After the orders are placed and the data is sent to the backend, DCKAP Integrator integrates the data to Mirakl which lets the order status back to the BigCommerce data systems.
Data Flow : BigCommerce -> Mirakl

Pricing Sync

The prices of offers put up are updated to the Mirakl storefront. Updates, if any, shall also be reflected on the front end. Product sync, pricing sync, and inventory sync have been combined using a single data pipe by DCKAP Integrator.
Data Flow : BigCommerce -> Mirakl

Benefits of 3M Marketplace and BigCommerce Integration

The integration between Mirakl and BigCommerce project contains multiple checks and balances to make sure all integrated systems have the same information. This helps to reduce data duplication, keeps updated data at the forefront, and employees will no longer do multiple data entries. These alone are huge time-savers that allow Jendco Safety to spend their time on more valuable tasks to propel their business forward with automated processes and connected systems.

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