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LB Water

LB Water

A Future-Focused BigCommerce P21 Integration, That’s How We’d Like To Call This.

About LB Water

For 50 years, LB Water has been making water, wastewater, and stormwater work by delivering the right products, services, training, and solutions for our customers.

The company was founded in 1970 by entrepreneur Lehman B. Mengel – who turned his need for a reliable supply of waterworks materials for his construction company into a ground-breaking business. What began as a single sales office in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, is now a 100% employee-owned company with 200+ knowledgeable employee-owners staffing eight locations throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.


eCommerce: BigCommerce

Catering to their customers with a robust eCommerce store on BigCommerce, LB Water was able to sell being available for their customers, round the clock, any time of the year, by delivering lightning-fast experiences that makes customers come back for more.

ERP: Prophet P21

LB Water was using Prophet 21 (P21) ERP to connect all business functions into one single system, so everyone in the company has the data they need to better serve customers and has transparency into what’s happening across the organization.

Earlier Business Challenges

LB Water did not have an automated data transfer in place. It was manually processing the data between multiple systems before opting for an integration platform that connects ERP and eCommerce.

Manual Data Processing is easier said than done. It comes with a package of risks involved like data redundancy, inconsistent data across multiple channels, too much time consuming, high error rate, security risks, and whatnot. Although done in good spirits, manual work derails and hampers the organization’s growth in the long run. The impact of this can be very adverse.

Unlike many businesses that refrain from choosing the path of automation because it’s seen an additional expense, LB Water did the opposite. Because, one, high costs for automation and integration is a myth. Secondly, the key to a successful business lies in how aesthetically and clutter-free you manage your backend operations.

Business Requirements

One version of accurate data, one version of the truth, and one version of information that keeps everyone and everything of the organization on the same page to coordinate activities and serve better their customers. That’s what LB Water wanted to achieve when they approached DCKAP Integrator to integrate their eCommerce store and ERP (i.e.) BigCommerce and P21 respectively for automating data transfers and business processes.


The advent of technology has made businesses rethink their business functionalities. Brands that want to scale fast and stay agile can no longer afford to spend time entering manual data, repeating the same, and fixing issues that sprout up due to manual errors. Check out how DCKAP Integrator helped LB Water with BigCommerce P21 Integration by syncing their business-critical information and streamlined collaboration.

Customers Sync

All customer details were set to integrate from BigCommerce to P21. Apart from the general details, all the Ship-To Addresses will be synced back to BigCommerce for already existing customers in P21.

Data Flow: BigCommerce to Prophet 21 ERP

Products Sync

Primary information of products such as name, category, etc. will be updated automatically to BigCommerce with their data from P21 for better visibility that compliments coordination.

Data Flow: Prophet 21 ERP to BigCommerce

Inventory Sync

Inventory is synchronized in real-time from P21 ERP towards BigCommerce to provide accurate stock levels and help make informed decisions with the data being accessible to everyone.

Data Flow: Prophet 21 ERP to BigCommerce

Order Sync

When an order is made in BigCommerce, the concerned details are fetched from the eCommerce store and integrated into the ERP so the concerned team can organize and manage orders seamlessly.

Data Flow: BigCommerce to Prophet 21 ERP

Order Processing Sync

The set of actions that follow post the order is made such as Shipping, Delivery details, Invoice, and Payments are collated from ERP and sent to the eCommerce store so the customers are kept up-to-date.

Data Flow: Prophet 21 ERP to BigCommerce

Offline Orders Sync

All the orders that are made offline will be dynamically displayed in BigCommerce. Every time the customer comes, the data is displayed in dynamic and will not store the data.

Data Flow: Prophet 21 ERP to BigCommerce

Pricing Sync

The dynamic prices of the products will be displayed on the site. Every time there is a change, the same would be reflected in the eCommerce store for greater effectiveness with a dynamic pricing strategy in place.

Data Flow: Prophet 21 ERP to BigCommerce

BigCommerce Prophet 21 ERP Integration: The Road Ahead

All the data transfers and business processes are now automated between ERP and eCommerce by DCKAP Integrator. With integrations as such in place, the team will no longer have to spend time figuring out and finding out where the data is as everything is synchronized in real-time, as and when the business happens. LB Water can, therefore, standardize the complete business operations by preventing manual errors and eliminates the need for redundant manual entry of data. A future-focused integration, that’s how we’d like to call this.




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