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Accelerating efficiency with ERP and eCommerce Integration.

About Maintex

60 years and counting! Maintex, founded in 1960, is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals, and equipment in Southern California. They stay true to the roots as a chemical manufacturer, producing over 500 custom-developed chemical formulas at City of Industry headquarters.

Business Requirements

Maintex wanted to upgrade its digital journey to be on pace with the ever-changing technologies and customer demands. Deciding to choose BigCommerce as their eCommerce storefront, they were also looking for a sleek middleware that would reduce (or rather eliminate) their manual data entry work. And that was when our partner BigCommerce introduced DCKAP Integrator to Maintex.

A prime issue that Maintex faced was streamlining their products’ prices in the backend and at all the places, as there were many layers of it. Accordingly, they wanted to integrate their ERP and eCommerce so all the data, such as orders, customers, products, and so on, are updated in real-time.

Integration Solutions

Below are the use cases that DCKAP Integrator connected and synced for Maintex to improve their business efficiency – Periodically executing the critical data exchanges, enabling real-time information exchange, and gaining insights, for increasing business agility.

Customer Sync

All the details of the customer such as customer name, company information, user details, payment, and address details are set to sync from Infor SX to Bundle B2B. This way, all the customer’s details shall be at a place and ready to access whenever needed.

Data Flow: Infor SX > BundleB2B

Product Sync

Complete product information, prices, and products are synced from Infor SX to BigCommerce. Basic product information plus new variants and dimension details are also clubbed in this synchronization that happens at periodic intervals.

Data Flow: Infor SX > BigCommerce

Inventory Sync

Knowing how much inventory we have in the backend is essential in the daily running of the business. Understanding the need, the DCKAP Integrator connector integrated inventory variants and stock levels based on the warehouse. The aggregate of all warehouses will be displayed.

Data Flow: Infor SX > BigCommerce

Order Sync

Every time an order is placed in BigCommerce, the same shall be reflected in the backend ERP (Infor SX) so it’d be hassle-free for the employees to complete processing and order fulfillment. All information of the orders is set to sync in the backend.

Data Flow: BigCommerce > Infor SX

Offline Orders Sync

All the orders that are placed online – along with the customer info, order details, and more – are reflected in backend online integration. By doing so, an invoice for the Offline Order too can be generated in a quick time.

Data Flow: Infor SX > BundleB2B

Order Processing Sync

The status of the order is changed and reflected in the BigCommerce with the details being fetched from Infor SX. More like an acknowledgment, or rather the current status of the order placed, which is now confirmed.

Data Flow: Infor SX > BigCommerce

Pricing Sync

The prices of the products determined by Maintex updated in the ERP Infor SX are synced to be reflected in BigCommerce as well. This includes the product variants too. And a single source of truth shall be displayed across all domains where products are sold.

Data Flow: Infor SX > BigCommerce

Sales Rep Sync

It is a known fact that a sales rep (or many) are assigned to customers for follow-up. If any new sales rep is brought in or any sales rep is no longer part of the company, the current details of the sales rep will be reflected from Infor SX to BundleB2B.

Data Flow: Infor SX to BundleB2B

Benefits of Infor SX BigCommerce Integrations

Maintex, for decades, being the high-quality janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals, and equipment in Southern California, chose to embrace technology for advancing their growth. The entire team at DCKAP Integrator was happy to be associated with a visionary team and helping them get the integrations they wanted in the right way.

DCKAP Integrator has helped Maintex reduce the manual work of finding and fixing data at both ends, otherwise taking hours of meticulous work. As a result, their employees can spend more time achieving their business goals now, with a smooth workflow to their assistance.

And the integrations from DCKAP Integrator not only help to automate business processes at Maintex and ensure they have all the accurate insights that help planning, forecasting, and running the business operations more efficiently. The promise was kept!




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