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MicroDAQ Case Study


Explore how DCKAP Integrator streamlined MicroDAQ’s Business Operations to increase efficiency.

About MicroDAQ

MicroDAQ is an authorized stocking distributor of over 30 manufacturers of data logging, data acquisition, and weather station products. They address the data logging and recording needs of the transportation, agricultural, pharmaceutical, HVAC/R, environmental, educational, scientific, and industrial communities.


eCommerce: Magento 2

Having built their eCommerce store on Magento 2, MicroDAQ delivered a smooth customer experience by bringing innovation into every touchpoint with the latest data, insights, and metrics.

ERP: Distribution One

MicroDAQ used Distribution One ERP to manage and harness their backend activities. They relied on their ERP to keep the organization details up to date, letting employees more easily collaborate.

Earlier Business Challenges

Being a company that sells data loggers worldwide, their presence was needed on multiple selling channels so MicroDAQ could reach potential customers of all kinds; all industries wherever they are.

Earlier, their products that are sold on Amazon Marketplace are not reflected in the backend Magento and done manually whenever a sale is made on Amazon. Data, when entered manually, usually takes a lot of time and known to be error-prone.

A lot of confusion arises when accurate data is not reflected at all the digital touchpoints. No brand would want a customer to buy a product only to be later shown as out-of-stock.

Business Requirements
  • MicroDAQ wanted to integrate their eCommerce ERP, so all the details are auto-synced, including the sales that happen in Amazon Marketplace, so that all teams are aware of the inventory, orders, and more.
  • Integration of business-critical use cases such as Customers Sync, Products Sync, Inventory Sync, Order Sync, and more so the company can spend more time on innovation and less time on data management.
Solution Offered

When ERP and eCommerce are integrated, they help automate and streamline otherwise-tedious tasks and reduce repeating the processes. It also helps to increase the productivity of the team. Following is the information that DCKAP Integrator integrated for MicroDAQ to improve their business with real-time data sync.

Customer Sync

Whether newly created or updated, the details of customers were set to sync from eCommerce store’ to ERP to provide teams with instant access to customers’ information.

Data Flow: Magento 2 to Distribution One

Products Sync

All the details of products such as name, description, features, specs, attributes, and so on, when added or updated in the ERP will be synced into the eCommerce and later reflected in the online store.

Data Flow: Distribution One to Magento 2

Inventory Sync

Real-time inventory quantity will be updated in the eCommerce store to provide accurate visibility into the business operations. It also helps both the buyer and seller to know the stock available for sale.

Data Flow: Distribution One to Magento 2

Pricing Sync

Every time an order is placed in the eCommerce Store, the order data comprising customer details, products purchased, and the payment details will be moved to Distribution One ERP.

Magento 2 to Distribution One

Order Status Sync

Order processing done in ERP is synced with the eCommerce store, so the customer knows the up-to-date order status, delivery date, and the location in transit. This way, even the customers can keep track of orders.

Data Flow: Distribution One to Magento 2

Pricing Sync

If a price change to any existing product or a new product is added, the updated price is made to reflect in the eCommerce store. The same prices don’t last, and this sync helps customers to know the current value.

Data Flow: Distribution One to Magento 2

Sales Tax

The tax levied on every purchase varies from state to state. Taking this into consideration, we’ve integrated the sales tax. Now, the customers will see the tax amount of their region when they receive the bill.

Data Flow: Distribution One to Magento 2

Distribution One and Magento 2 Integration Benefits

Working closely with the team at MicroDAQ, DCKAP Integrator was able to create a well-defined project plan, map business use cases, and assisted integrate Magento 2 eCommerce with Distribution One ERP. Moving forward, this integration and automation of principal data will be an added advantage to MicroDAQ as they longer will have to appoint a team that would enter the data from there to here or vice-versa. With auto-sync of orders from Amazon Marketplace and accurate data in visibility at all touchpoints, DCKAP Integrator Integration’ will help the team make more business informed decisions with real-time data and provide a single source of truth.




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