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Moody Price Case Study

Moody Price

eCommerce Growth with Magento 2 Migration + P21 Integration

About Moody Price

Moody Price, having its headquarters in Baton Rouge, LA is one of the largest providers of instrumentation, filtration, measurement & control, and high-pressure products in the United States. Being a manufacturer’s representative, Moody Price distributes nationally recognized brands of instrumentation, heat transfer, analyzer and filtration products to several industries.

Moody Price is able to provide its customers with 24-hour access to technical support and has over $6 million of inventory. Additionally, Moody-Price L.L.C. offers on-site inventory management trailers that can be outfitted to the specific requirements of any turnaround or project, including disaster recovery.

Challenges Faced

Moody Price was working with two systems, Magento & P21, in silos that put the burden of manual data transfer from one to another, and they wanted to integrate both applications. eCommerce customizations, the client wanted a comprehensive digital commerce solution that will up their game in 2020.

And when it came to data integration — Customers who made offline orders found it difficult to track the same in the Magento storefront. They were unable to separately process and sync orders. Also, product details and inventory between the two systems (ERP and eCommerce) were not in sync causing inconsistent data across the business processes.

P21 Integration Business Requirements

Moody Price contacted DCKAP Integrator with the goal of solving these pain points and making things easier. After a brief discussion with our solution specialists and eCommerce experts, the company decided to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2. They also wanted to integrate their Magento store with Epicor P21 ERP and synchronize data, as per their business requirements.

P21 Integration with DCKAP Integrator

DCKAP Integrator, with the help of its migration experts, helped Moody Price migrate to Magento 2 Community edition as quickly as possible, with a responsive design and a seamless shopping experience. Our integration solution specialists elicited the Magento P21 Integration scenarios the client wanted to be set up with and running using DCKAP Integrator. The following were the business use cases that were made possible for Moody Price using DCKAP Integrator:

  • Customer Sync: Epicor P21 to Magento
  • Products Sync: Epicor P21 to Magento
  • Inventory Sync: Epicor P21 to Magento
  • Order Status Sync: Epicor P21 to Magento
  • Offline Orders Sync: Epicor P21 to Magento
  • Online Orders Sync: Magento to Epicor P21

Along with integrating the above-said use cases, DCKAP enhanced some main functionalities for Moody Price:

  • Once after the customer segmentation process, a dynamic pricing solution was introduced to display price values to the P21 customers and quote another price for normal users via scheduled calls.
  • Displaying personalized quotes to P21 customers and enabling them to accept or reject the quote. Post accepting the quote, an automated mail will be sent to the admin and the customer for effective communication.
  • A customer-friendly solution was introduced to enable customers to upload their tax documents and avail tax exemptions based on their eligibility.



Epicor Prophet 21


Magento & P21

Integration with DCKAP PIM

DCKAP identified the client’s necessity for a product information management solution based on the inventory capacity and implemented a solution to maintain vast product data on their site through DCKAP PIM – a Product Information Management (PIM) storage system, using which you can maintain and manage all your company’s product data, from wherever you are.

The website is now integrated with an advantage in creating and managing the categories for all available products. This solution enables the store owner to import or export the product data from the local storage files with just a single click. This unique solution also has multi-language support and bulk edit options.


Moody Price is now equipped with power-packed integrations to delight its customers. The integration between Magento 2x with Epicor P21 was intensive. The company has benefited by eliminating the pain point of manual data transfer through DCKAP Integrator.

“ DCKAP provided unparalleled service and support from our very first meeting through website launch. Both their design and development teams are some of the industry’s best made visible through their subject matter expertise, attention to detail and most importantly response times. We turned to DCKAP when our largest account needed us to integrate an e-procurement system. From there we designed and developed a new website featuring this function in only a few months time. We have been consistently impressed with this company and have recommended them to numerous friends and colleagues. If a highly personalized Magento website with unique function is what you desire I would look no further than DCKAP."
-- Kendall Ducote

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