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Pace International

Pace International

Integrations that make a difference

About Pace International

Pace International, proudly serving the technology and telecommunications industries since 1972. has been on the forefront, by leading, simplifying, and supporting the integration of hardware and content solutions within a complex communication marketplace.

Business Requirements

Pace International had its eCommerce platform hosted on BigCommerce and was using P21 to manage its backend operations. They approached DCKAP Integrator to fix their data barriers which existed on saving and sending customer data and pricing issues. They wanted to provide a seamless passage of data between the two critical systems that are key to the effective running of the business – eCommerce and ERP.

Integration Solutions

The power is in our hands to implement and enhance the way we work with data automation. Check out the workflows DCKAP Integrator integrated to make the day-to-day running of business efficient and enjoyable.

Customer Sync

Unlike the usual sync, here the customer is created under the company’s email domain. New employees created will also be grouped under the same email domain of the company that exists.

Data Flow: BigCommerce > P21

Product Sync

Every important facet of the products is synced from P21 to BigCommerce. This way, the users are aware of the product specifications.

Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Inventory Sync

A custom table is created to keep a check on the inventory levels. The quantity (or stock level) is taken from a custom table created in P21.

Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Order Sync

Every time an order is placed, the details of the order such as name, address to be shipped, product details are synced to the existing ERP.

Data Flow: BigCommerce > P21

Offline Orders Sync

Apart from the orders placed online, the ones that enter via the offline mode are integrated from ERP to eCommerce to maintain consistency.

Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Pricing Sync

Based on the customer ID and location ID, the details shall be collected and synced. This was how Contract Pricing was made possible by DCKAP Integrator.

Data Flow: P21 > BigCommerce

Benefits of P21 BigCommerce Integrations

It’s no surprise that manual data entry involves a large investment of time. And even more, the accuracy of data takes a rather large hit from manual data entry. To avoid a breakdown in the daily functioning of the business and to help Pace International achieve maximum optimization, all the important data points are synced aptly to ensure proper and real-time passage of key business data. Two key points were the sync of the accuracy in customers’ data and the sync of prices which were earlier a barrier to the company. On the whole, improving data automation was the key that drove us toward success, in this collaboration.

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