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Planet Beach

Planet Beach

Optimizing integrations to increase efficiency.

About Planet Beach

Planet Beach, a fast-growing automated spa franchise, is an innovative and energetic company that continues to evolve to meet the needs of its customers. Their goal is to be an international one-stop shop to help customers look and feel good. Customers can experience the finest spray & spa treatments and superior customer service that has been made.

Business Requirements

Transitioning the brand to automated data entry can put the company on a much more secure footing that will enable them to grow and thrive in the data-rich future. Planet Beach, whose eCommerce Store was hosted on Magento and Microsoft Dynamics GP as their trusted ERP wanted to connect their backend for smooth functioning of day-to-day activities.

They were upgrading to a new Microsoft Dynamics GP server which was a challenge they faced to prevent growth. And also, a high cost was undertaken by their earlier vendor for integration. The business was still doing manual editing and updating of distribution codes in Microsoft Dynamics GP, which they wanted to be automated.

Integration Solutions

Know how Planet Beach with the help of DCKAP Integrator connectors made the workflow more cost-effective and help people stay productive by robotizing repetitive tasks.

Inventory Sync

All information related to inventory, such as the number of items available, sold-out items that are added in Microsoft Dynamics GP is scheduled to sync frequently into the Magento storefront.

Data Flow: Microsoft Dynamics GP > Magento

Invoice Sync

Once the order is placed and the details are updated in Microsoft Dynamics GP, the invoice that is generated in Magento will be updated in the ERP as a shipment for seamless processing.

Data Flow: Magento > Microsoft Dynamics GP

Benefits of Magento + Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration

The automation of data points integrated by DCKAP Integrator removes much of the potential for human error, saves money, and makes data processing scalable. Planet Beach now has an automated data sync of Inventory and Invoice Details which otherwise were done manually. 310 is the total number of product inventory that will be updated via the connectors set up by DCKAP Integrator. And as many as 20+ invoices are synced every day using the same system flow. Also, since everything is now automated, there is a Reduced Cost of overall administration. And includes an automatic update of distribution codes.




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