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Quality Farm Supply

Quality Farm Supply

Shopify Advanced + P21 Integration For Business Transformation

About Quality Farm Supply

DCKAP had the opportunity to work with Quality Farm Supply on various eCommerce services to help transform its digital business. Quality Farm Supply, headquartered in Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States, is one of the largest providers of parts for production agriculture, farm supplies, and tractor parts. Enterprise brands like John Deere, Case-IH, AGCO, and Massey Ferguson are some of their associated manufacturers.

Challenges Faced

Shopify experts at DCKAP have always been cognizant of solving the digital eCommerce pain points of our clients. Most of Quality Farm Supply’s complications were because they were operating on a custom platform. Some of the other challenges they faced were:

  • Quality Farm Supply had a static website initially and so the website’s User Experience and User Interface had to be done from scratch to bring in more traction.
  • There were a lot of dependencies involved that made data migration from PIM (Product Information Management) to Shopify Advanced tricky.
  • Enabling the integration between Shopify with 30,000 SKUs and the Epicor P21 ERP was another add-on to the hurdles.
  • Since the website was outdated and had an older design, connecting the Epicor P21 ERP to PIM (Product Information Management) involved a lot of manual processes.
  • Earlier, the data was being manually entered into the systems which were time-consuming and prone to errors. And they also wanted to increase the Customer Experience.
P21 Integration Business Requirements

Quality Farm Supply was new to the eCommerce way of selling, and they need that integration of ERP and eCommerce in the backend is as important as impressing the customers with an alluring store in the frontend. The team approached DCKAP Integrator to integrate the information from critical use cases to streamline the business and give a consistent customer experience at every digital touchpoint, with connected data.

Design and Development

Our certified Shopify developers optimized the website with an enhanced user experience to fulfill Quality Farm Supply’s expectations. The design stage involved an intricate process to provide a fully customizable Shopify site to meet the ever-evolving necessities of the client and the end-users.

The Homepage, CMS(Content Management System) pages like contact us, about us pages, PLP(Product Listing Pages), PDP(Product Display Pages) were designed to be intuitive and user-friendly to retain the visitor on the website for a longer time. PLP page has some customized attribute filters which allow users to search the products and provide a better user experience.

DCKAP used Shopify custom private apps and APIs to develop the following:

  • Custom Mega Menu
  • Category Listing Pages
  • Brands Page
  • Product Listing Page Sidebar
  • Make-Type Model Functionality
Shopify Integration Application

DCKAP’s expert Shopify Team developed a custom private app called “PIM Integration” that was used as a bridge between TriactivPIM and Shopify platform. All products and category menus were managed and the information was synced in a private app with options to enable or disable. This app also provides the option for Make-Type-Model data to be imported into the website.

From a tech perspective, our Shopify developers created valid codes that comply with current web standards and also ensure improved functionality, as well as wider accessibility for the customers. Appropriately placed interactive contact forms and enhanced shopping carts were ensured to create an aesthetically pleasing experience for the website visitors.

Installed Search Functionality

DCKAP implemented two types of searches for an easier shopping experience:

Product Based Search:
  • Customers can search by entering products name, keywords, etc.
  • Autocomplete will be available to select from suggestions
  • Select the product that will be redirected to the PDP
Search based on Make Type Model:
  • Customers can search based on Make Type Model
  • Displays the products related to concerned parameters
  • Shoppers can further drill down results using these filters
Connecting with PIM

DCKAP’s Shopify Experts had integrated the website with Triactive PIM for managing the categories of all available products and their information. It helped to ensure better functionality when the client could Sync the product’s and category information in a single click using the Shopify Custom App.

P21 Integration With DCKAP Integrator

Without an ERP eCommerce integration, many things can fall short and the repercussions of which seldom will not be felt immediately. Scattered customer data, complex internal workings, redundant data, and downscaled productivity are some of the drawbacks brands might encounter without an ERP eCommerce Integration. Following are the business use cases that DCKAP Integrator imbibed to streamline the way business happens.

  • Products Sync: P21 to Shopify
  • Orders Sync: Shopify to P21
  • Inventory Sync: P21 to Shopify
  • Order Status Sync: P21 to Shopify

The reduced manual effort, auto-sync of important business data that influence daily operations, and increased customer satisfaction with real-time data – Quality Farm Supply, being a brand launching their new online store – DCKAP Integrator ensured all the vital data points are connected, so there is seamless data flow to and fro. Now, the concern of data integration should naively no longer exist. And not only this integration is a transcendent way to keep everything streamlined, but it can also inspire the team to make data-driven decisions to keep customers pleased and keep them coming back for more.




Epicor Prophet 21




Shopify & P21


Quality Farm Supply is now equipped with a completely transitioned Shopify Advanced store and high-level integrations (Both ERP and PIM) to ensure a better customer experience and product data management. In spite of the challenges faced, DCKAP managed to hurdle through it with their expertise in Shopify. Our Shopify experts have opened up a gateway for efficient business transactions for Quality Farm Supply’s clientele. Quality Farm Supply also expressed their satisfaction with the solutions provided by DCKAP as we managed to fix issues as well as increase the conversion rates, customer satisfaction, and the overall website performance.

Take a Look at Quality Farm Supply’s Digital Transformation Journey with DCKAP

Quality Farm Supply is now equipped with a completely transitioned Shopify Advanced store and high-level integrations like Epicor P21 ERP to ensure a better customer experience.

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“ To raise the performance of our B2C website, we worked with DCKAP to migrate to Shopify. Going into the project, we had the usual apprehensions that come with any such months-long undertaking. But all along the way, DCKAP did a great job for us — from theme selection and design to P21 integration to the integration of the PIM for product content to the selection of appropriate plug-ins to all aspects of the shopping cart — they led us through it all. Throughout the project, they were responsive to our needs and communication was good, with all the deliverables met, or exceeded. Moreover, their understanding of P21 and all that this entails as a business system was a great help. I can recommend them unreservedly for anyone on a similar eCommerce path."
-- Blant Hurt

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