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Spruce Industries

Spruce Industries

Adobe Commerce E-Commerce Implementation With DCKAP Integrator and PIM.

About Spruce Industries

Spruce Industries is known for offering solutions, support, and sustainability for all needs associated with cleaning supplies, tools, equipment needs and janitorial supplies.

Since 1965, they have helped facility managers and staff to achieve cleaning excellence. They offer support for the most menial tasks such as vacuuming, all the way to achieving business sustainability goals.

To help them continue building true business growth and scale, we designed and developed their upgraded ecommerce website. Moreover, strategic integrations help simplify business processes were also implemented.

P21 Integration

Integrating Adobe Commerce and Epicor P21 is done via DCKAP Integrator, an ERP integration platform built for distributors.

For Spruce Industries, the following integration pathways were made possible for a smooth and efficient flow of data:

  • Customer Details sync from Adobe Commerce to P21: This sync helps map the customer using their P21 Customer ID. It also transfers customer data from Adobe Commerce to P21
  • Create Order: Once the customer places an order with in-stock products, this sync helps import those orders from Adobe Commerce to P21 with valid order details.
  • Dynamic Pricing: After the customer segmentation process, a dynamic pricing solution was introduced to display price values to the P21 customers
  • UOM sync: Customer will create the UOM options for the products from P21 to Adobe Commerce
  • Inventory sync: The quantity of inventory will be pulled from P21 to Adobe Commerce
  • Offline Order sync: When orders details are added to P21, the details will be updated in the Adobe Commerce front-end
DCKAP PIM Integration

With the integrated DCKAP PIM, new products added to P21 will be synced to Adobe Commerce through its product sync feature. The attribute sync ensures that details added to the PIM are synced with the ecommerce website.


Adobe Commerce (prev. Magento 2)

eCommerce Services

P21 and PIM Integration, Design & Development (UI/UX)


Adobe Commerce and P21


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