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Spruce Industries

Spruce Industries

Magento 2 E-Commerce Implementation With DCKAP Integrator and PIM.

Client overview

Spruce Industries is known for holistically covering all three- solutions, support and sustainability for all needs associated with cleaning supplies, tools, equipment needs and janitorial supplies.
Since 1965, Spruce Industries has proven expertise in helping facility managers as well as their staff to achieve brilliant cleaning excellence no matter what the size of the facility or the staff. Spruce Industries is your answer to all cleaning woes. Their staff talks to clients and offers guidance from the most menial tasks such as vacuuming, to covering intricacies of achieving sustainability along with offering the support you actually need.

We wanted to follow their value of building true business partnerships and chose the following implementations to make their eCommerce front efficient and effective:

eCommerce Services

  • P21 Integration
  • DCKAP PIM Integration
  • UI/UX


Magento 2

Understand the Needs: Delivering Design & Development

The Spruce Industries team chose Magento 2 which supports their B2B Features involving:

  • Quote List
  • Quick Order
  • Sales Representative
  • Shopping List-copy feature
  • Multi-user management

Our certified Magento developers and designers initiated the design and development stage. We formulated a brand new optimized website with enhanced user experience to fulfill the expectations of the customers. The design stage also involved an intricate process to provide a fully customizable Magento site to meet the ever-evolving necessities of the end-users.

From the technical perspective, our developers assured improvements such as valid codes that comply with current web standards, improved functionality, and wider accessibility for the customers.

Challenges Faced

There were particular challenges we faced during the implementation, like the website’s UI/UX needed more enhancements and better ad campaigns were required. DCKAP recommended changes in separate areas of the website initially. To incorporate all the changes based on the User Behavior Study, DCKAP started revamping one page at a time and ended up changing the ‘About Us’ page, the ‘Contact Us’ page. And the ‘Home page’ itself. The website was also revamped based on the analysis of various aspects. It did bring positive impressions, the way DCKAP anticipated. Or rather, analyzed.

After their eCommerce store was prepared in Magento 2, Technico anticipated that they might face the following problems:

  1. Magento 2 implementation, SEO optimization, and marketing will exponentially boost the quantum of online store orders, customer registrations, and quote requests. They felt that as a result, they would find it increasingly difficult to handle them.
  2. Magento 2 and P21 are two different systems with different data types and specifications. It will not be directly feasible to transfer data (either manually or automated) between the two of them.
  3. Manually transferring data is an arduous process that leads to a lack of productivity due to wasting time on unwanted redundant activities. And teams responsible for back-office operations would not be able to get the required data at the required time for fulfilling eCommerce orders.
DCKAP Implementation Spruce Industries
Ease for Sales Representatives

Sales Representatives have the option to access the customer account and place orders on behalf of customers. We implemented access in admin as well to manage the store.

Shopping List-copy feature

Customers can create a shopping list based on their needs and add those products later to the cart. For the admin side, a shopping list can be created and assigned to multiple customers under that shopping list.

Multi-user management

Customer to be able to create sub-accounts and dictate roles for the sub accounts. There would be a functionality for a “Manager” to approve/change/delete orders submitted by sub-accounts and will be integrated to P21.

Corporate Account with Approvers and Standard Users

Here are two Customers that have a Corporate Account structure. This means that multiple Customer IDs are linked together by a Corporate ID.

  • If a user is an APPROVER, that user will be able to approve orders that are placed for any of the sub-accounts within the corporate structure.
  • If a user doesn’t have sub-accounts and the checkout process is normal. If it has multiple accounts, then it is a Corporate structure and the user will decide which customer to associate this order with.
  • The user selects which customer and then that customer is now the billing address for this order. Once the user selects the billing address or customer ID, only the ship to locations for that billing address will appear.
  • A STANDARD user can place an order for only the customer ID they are associated with. An approver user can place an order for any customer ID associated with the Corporate ID.
  • When a STANDARD user places an order, it will be approved by a Contact that is an APPROVER for the customer ID or corporate ID.
  • The APPROVER contact should be able to modify the order or delete it. For modification, they should be able to add or remove items, increase quantities, update or add PO numbers, change shipping, etc
  • Once the APPROVER approves the order, it will then sync with P21.
  • If an APPROVER places an order on the website, it automatically gets synced with P21.

We always believe in ensuring that the intricate features are based on just what our client needs- this distinction between individual and corporate services has proven to be quite useful for the users.

Quote list

To proceed towards an accurate and precise way of shopping, the customer requires a well maintained and defined product list. Using a Quote list for Magento 2 module, the customers can add products to the Quote list.

Quick Order

This feature helps the user to quickly dial in all the products one by one in the product field and add products to the cart instantly. Customers can use their own product number to add the product in the cart.

P21 Integration

Magento2 P21 Integration is done via DCKAP Integrator, a unique solution from DCKAP that made this achievable by integrating the newly updated Magento 2x with P21. Along with P21 integration, DCKAP has implemented Overall Epicor P21 service in this project and enhanced some main functionalities in their website, as follows:

  • Create Customer Sync Magento to P21: This sync helps to map the customer with P21 Customer ID by a new or existing customer creation process, it also transfers customer data from Magento to P21
  • Customer P21 to Magento: Creation of Customer details from P21  to Magento 2 is carried over by this Customer P21 to Magento sync
  • Create Order: Once the customer places an order with in-stock products this sync helps to import those orders from Magento 2 to P21 with valid order details following which involves processing the order by the P21 user.
  • Dynamic Pricing: After the customer segmentation process, a dynamic pricing solution was introduced to display price values to the P21 customers
  • UOM sync: Customer will create the UOM options for the products from P21 to Magento
  • Inventory sync: In Inventory sync, the Quantity will be pulled from P21 to Magento
  • Offline order Sync: This sync will display the orders in the Magento frontend when orders are placed in P21.
DCKAP PIM Integration

In DCKAP PIM, the adding new products in p21 will get synced to Magento through DCKAP PIM product sync. For the synchronized products, the details will be synchronized from DCKAP PIM to Magento through attribute sync.


The Spruce Industries website is now equipped with a completely transitioned Magento 2 store with power-packed integrations & customizable features to give their customers a hassle free user experience. The challenges DCKAP faced during this project, included enabling the integration between Magento 2x with Epicor P21 Integration, DCKAP PIM Integration were extensive. Yet, our strong technical team was able to deliver the final product to the client’s satisfaction.




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