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Spruce Industries

Spruce Industries

The company-centric eCommerce storefront with power-packed integrations & customizable features creating a hassle free user experience for their customers.

About Spruce Industries

Since 1965, Spruce Industries has proven expertise in helping facility managers and their staff achieve brilliant cleaning excellence no matter the size of the facility or the staff. Spruce Industries is known for holistically covering all three: solutions, support and sustainability for all needs associated with cleaning supplies, tools, equipment needs and janitorial supplies.

We wanted to follow their value of building true business partnerships and chose the following implementations to make their ecommerce efficient, company-centric, and best suited for their B2B requirements.

The Problem

Previously using Adobe Commerce (Magento), Spruce Industries faced challenges in managing their extensive product pricing rules and providing a seamless user experience checkout and shopping lists. They required a more user-friendly platform offering robust features and supporting their growing business demands.

Spruce Industries’ need for a distribution-focused website was facing several challenges when utilizing Adobe Commerce (Magento) as their ecommerce platform. Managing complex product catalogs, intricate pricing structures, and varied customer hierarchies was daunting within Adobe Commerce’s standard configuration. Ensuring a seamless user experience and scalability under growing business demands were ongoing concerns.

  • Managing Magento’s built-in company structure proved challenging, as Spruce required both a company structure and a corporate structure.
  • Maintaining multiple user roles and their corresponding permissions within Magento was complex.
  • Sales representatives were required to log in through the admin interface to create orders on behalf of customers, an unnecessary step.
  • Loading speed for dynamic prices and other website components was notably slow, affecting user experience.
Choosing A Company-Centric Platform: DCKAP Commerce

Unlike conventional ecommerce platforms that prioritize individual consumers, Spruce Industries opted for a distinct company-centric approach (DCKAP Commerce) in their online system. While most ecommerce setups cater primarily to personal shoppers, DCKAP Commerce platform was meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of businesses, distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers. This tailored approach ensures a seamless experience for these specific entities, accommodating their unique demands and requirements.

Sales Representatives

In the competitive landscape of B2B ecommerce sales representatives are indispensable assets, serving as the bridge between businesses and clients. Addressing this crucial requirement, DCKAP Commerce introduced a specialized module tailored for B2B ecommerce. This module leverage the sales Reps with their expertise to negotiate terms, provide valuable product insights, and build enduring relationships, fostering trust and loyalty. This also enhance customer interactions, making them essential drivers of growth and customer satisfaction.

Shopping List

An essential functionality incorporated within an ecommerce platform allows businesses or customers/companies to create and oversee lists of products they intend to purchase. In the realm of B2B, it serve as a practical tool, aiding in the planning, organization, and optimization of the procurement process.


PunchOut2Go (TradeCentric) was seamlessly integrated with new ecommerce platform (DCKAP Commerce), enhancing the online purchasing experience significantly. This integration ensures a smooth and efficient connection between our procurement system and various suppliers, allowing for streamlined transactions, real-time catalog updates, and improved order accuracy. This integration not only improves efficiency but also strengthens Spruce Industries position in the competitive distribution centric ecommerce landscape, ensuring a more robust and user-friendly platform for their clients.

Offline Orders and Invoices

The successful integration of offline orders and invoices retrieval from the ERP system into the DCKAP Commerce platform has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency. By implementing this feature, Spruce Industries can maintain accurate and real-time information for their customers, enhancing their overall experience.

Approval Orders

In B2B ecommerce, the approval of orders plays a crucial role. When a subordinate places an order in Spruce Industries website, it needs to be approved by their manager before it can be processed for fulfillment. This step ensures proper authorization and adherence to company protocols, adding an essential layer of oversight and control to the ordering process.

P21 Integration via DCKAP Integrator

P21 Integration is done via DCKAP Integrator. Along with P21 integration, DCKAP implemented an overall Epicor P21 service in this project and enhanced some main functionalities in their website, as follows:

  • Create Customer Sync DCKAP Commerce to P21: This sync helps to map the customer with P21 Customer ID by a new or existing customer creation process, it also transfers customer data from DCKAP Commerce to P21
  • Customer P21 to DCKAP Commerce: Creation of Customer details from P21 to DCKAP Commerce is carried over by this Customer P21 to DCKAP Commerce sync
  • Create Order: Once the customer places an order with in-stock products this sync helps to import those orders from DCKAP Commerce to P21 with valid order details following which involves processing the order by the P21 user.
  • Dynamic Pricing: After the customer segmentation process, a dynamic pricing solution was introduced to display price values to the P21 customers
  • UOM sync: Customer will create the UOM options for the products from P21 to DCKAP Commerce
  • Inventory sync: In Inventory sync, the Quantity will be pulled from P21 to DCKAP Commerce
  • Offline order Sync: This sync will display the orders in the DCKAP Commerce frontend when orders are placed in P21.
DCKAP PIM Integration

In DCKAP PIM, the adding new products in P21 will get synced to DCKAP Commerce through DCKAP PIM product sync. For the synchronized products, the details will be synchronized from DCKAP PIM to DCKAP Commerce through attribute sync.


The Spruce Industries website is now equipped with a completely transitioned company-centric ecommerce store with power-packed integrations & customizable features to give their customers a hassle free user experience. Also included was enabling the integration between DCKAP Commerce with Epicor P21 Integration, DCKAP PIM.

Migrating from Adobe Commerce (Magento) to DCKAP Commerce proved to be a game-changer for Spruce Industries. By addressing their challenges and providing a tailored, user-friendly solution, DCKAP Commerce not only enhanced the company’s operational efficiency but also contributed to increased customer satisfaction and revenue growth. This successful transition underscores the importance of selecting the right ecommerce platform tailored to a business’s unique needs and aspirations.


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