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Steel and Pipes

Steel and Pipes

Empowering business with embedded integrations

About Steel and Pipes

Founded in 1979, Steel and Pipes have a long history of serving the industrial steel market in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Business Requirements

Manual Data Entry can present a problem where the data is entered wrongly, causing more time to be taken to rectify the problem. Steel and Pipes wanted to automate their existing system so their data flow between the ERP and eCommerce is seamless and consistent, always.

With their eCommerce store built on Shopify and ERP to run their backend operations on P21, they experienced some hiccups with data assessment and filing, which did not let them do business smoothly and the way they wanted.

They had a large product database. In thousands, is what we are talking about. And was unable to customize products as per their business demands and customer requests. This way, it was becoming a bit complicated for the customer to explore products.

Another challenge was the listing product hierarchy from P21 to the Shopify hosted eCommerce store.

Integration Solutions

Steel and Pipes wanted to forego the issue with streamlining products-related data and wanted to achieve a smooth workflow of product data. Along with product sync, check out the other use cases that we clubbed for Steel and Pipes to achieve efficiency and save resources.

Product Sync

All the details related to the products they are selling are synced from ERP to eCommerce, now making it easy to customize and sell the products.

Data Flow: P21 > Shopify

Inventory Sync

Knowing the stock levels helps the company to plan its finances and pre-order the required inventory. This sync helps to know both.

Data Flow: P21 > Shopify

Order Sync

Every time an order is made in the eCommerce frontend, the order along with customer details are synced in the ERP for further order fulfillment.

Data Flow: Shopify > P21

Order Processing Sync

Once order details are synced, the info along with the invoice generated is sent back to the eCommerce store. This sync happens after every order.

Data Flow: P21 > Shopify

Benefits of Prophet 21 Shopify Integrations

Customizing product data and creating product categories that were earlier deemed to be difficult is not anymore. Now that product sync has been achieved by DCKAP Integrator Connector, the company has more liberty in the way they want to showcase the products. All this without any worry of data being scattered in the backend.

Attaining all these integrations for DCKAP Integrator took around 2 weeks only. And in the stipulated time, the team was able to set up powerful integration that automates the whole data-related business process. Integration is the innovation that places businesses on a high pedestal.




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