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Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger

EP21 & WooCommerce integration to augment inventory management challenges for better decision-making, adding customer-specific functionality, and seamless product image integration.

This case study describes a recent project where Walker Zanger — A World’s Leading Luxury Stone and Tile Company — needed to integrate their WooCommerce system (initially Shopify) with Epicor Prophet 21.

Walker Zanger were in pursuit of a holistic, affordable solution that could streamline their entire business process. They also wanted to ensure that all of the functionality of their custom-built eCommerce platform was available within a single application, which meant they needed integration capabilities with third-party solutions as well as a hosted solution like Prophet 21.

We will outline the critical integration pipelines, the challenges faced, and the benefits of integration.

About Walker Zanger

Walker Zanger was founded by Leon Zanger and Marvin Walker in 1952. The company has been a family business since then and is still run by the same family today. They are one of the few companies that offer an extensive selection of natural stones & tiles, including sculptural ceramics and subtle porcelain tiles. They have earned an excellent reputation for quality and value, using their products by many prestigious designers worldwide. Their products are available in various sizes and styles to suit every need.

Integration Pipeline

They were total of SEVEN pipelines involved:

  • Customer Sync Integration: Data Flows Bi-direction (WooCommerce to EP21 and vice versa)
  • Customer Pricing Sync Integration: P21- Data Flows From WooComerce to EP21
  • Product Syn Integration: Data Flows From WooCommerce to EP21
  • Inventory Sync Integration: Data Flows From EP21 to WooCommerce
  • Sales Order Sync Integration: Data Flows From WooCommerce to EP21
  • Order Processing Sync Integration: Data Flows From EP21 to WooCommerce
  • Product Images Integration: Data Flows From EP21 to WooCommerce
Top Benefits of Woocommerce & P21 Integration

Easy Adaption

In a competitive market, you have to be adaptable. You need to switch from one platform to another and upgrade the website accordingly. Initially, Walker Zanger’s eCommerce platform was on Shopify; later, they planned to transit to WooCommerce and integrate with EP21. Our expert panel executed the shift seamlessly based on a thorough evaluation. We are thrilled with the results. The migration process was smooth, and we had no issues with bugs or incompatibilities. We were also encouraged by how our team members tackled the technical challenges of transitioning from one platform to another.

Product Image Integration Become Easy

Product image is the most essential part of any eCommerce website. However, it can be difficult to add images to WooCommerce products. To improve your product listing, you can use P21 integration with WooCommerce. And this is what we did with Walker Zanger. The integration will help them manage images for their products in WooCommerce. They can now add custom images to different categories, tags and groups on the fly without extra effort or cost. This will make their listings look more attractive and impressive for customers looking for specific products from the store.

Customer-Specific Pricing Feature Added

P21 integration with WooCommerce will empower Walker Zanger to create different pricing tiers for their customers based on their geographical location, shopping history or other factors. The feature has been added in the latest release of Walker Zanger, and it works for both new and existing customers. It adds a layer of customer retention and improves customer experience by providing customized offers from their store.

Challenges and What We Accomplished

Automating the Management of Inventory

Walker Zanger were struggling with maintaining their inventory, especially the custom information. Our WooCommerce and P21 integration solution has enabled them to automate inventory management.

The system allows Walker Zanger to utilize their existing database and integrate it with its eCommerce platform. This will enable them to manage all aspects of their inventory without worrying about how much space they have available or whether or not they have enough room for a new product.

The system allows Walker Zanger to track all activities in real-time to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently. They will also be able to view reports on what products are selling well and which aren’t doing so well, allowing them to make changes accordingly so that they don’t lose money on unsold items.

Streamlined the Management of Data

With the integration of WooCommerce and Epicor Prophet 21, Walker Zanger streamlined its data management process. This means improved reporting capabilities, which in turn support them to provide better service and support to their clients. They were also able to use the data from Prophet 21 as a way to improve their business processes and make them more efficient.

In The End

Based on our experience with these two products— EP21 and WooCommerce— one can successfully integrate the two in an eCommerce environment. With careful planning and execution, it can drive an eCommerce business. There are some key advantages of doing this integration, and WalkerZanger will be able to take advantage of this in the future. If you have any questions about doing something similar, we would be glad to help you.

The Bottom Line

As the globalization of businesses continues, the need for technology to support and enhance key processes becomes necessary. ERP systems have proven themselves to be valuable tools in managing and improving business processes. NetSuite ERP has been designed to provide a single web-based application capable of managing disparate operations. The Acme Paper Evolution X/NetSuite ERP integration was conducted by an experienced team of Integration Consultants in a fast-paced environment. The project was executed on an accelerated timeline, meeting all defined requirements with no exceptions.

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