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Xcel Source

Xcel Source

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About Xcel Source

Xcel Source, based in Mississauga, Ontario, is a privately held Canadian distributor specializing in digital lifestyle accessories for cellular devices, tablets, PCs, and Macs. Their product categories include both fashion-forward and protective cases and sleeves, laptop bags and backpacks, and more – offering over 2,000 branded products to their customers.

Business Requirements

With the advancement of tech, there is more flexibility for data transfer and real-time collaboration than there ever was before. Xcel Source whose online store was loaded on Magento 2 and backend’s ERP was briefed with P21 wanted to automate workflows to eliminate data silos and work even more effectively.

They wanted to connect the data to and fro their ERP and eCommerce so the employees don’t have to spend time searching for data, or using the same data to make informed decisions, and to negotiate meaningful transactions.

Integration Solutions

Check out the business use cases DCKAP Integrator integrated to tackle Xcel Source’s business problems through advanced integrations. And how it helps in providing an accurate, efficient order process, offering superior customer service and support.

Customer Sync

For sub-accounts, a customer will be created and will be entered as a contact under the customer. The address created will be auto-updated.

Data Flow: Magento 2 <> P21

Inventory Sync

The real-time inventory levels are updated at periodic intervals. Using the data will be effective to reorder materials when required by the seller.

Data Flow: P21 > Magento 2

Order Sync

The orders after they are placed in Magento 2 are synced to the P21 system in the preset scheduled time to ensure seamless order management.

Data Flow: Magento 2 > P21

Order Processing Sync

The status of orders placed will be accumulated in P21. And details like order status, tracking, shipment details will be fetched to BigCommerce.

Data Flow: Magento 2 > P21

Offline Orders Sync

After an order is made, the information of the order is uploaded in P21 by the respective sales rep, after which the details can be viewed online.

Data Flow: P21 > Magento 2

Dynamic Pricing Sync

Different prices based on the customers’ shall be displayed. The relevant prices are fetched from the pricing library that is instated.

Data Flow: P21 > Magento 2

Return Management Sync

In case a customer bought four products but wants to return back two. The same quantity (returned) will be re-added in the Magento frontend.

Data Flow: Magento 2 <> P21

Benefits of Magento P21 Integration

Xcel Source is ready to start a digital transformation that improves productivity, increases employee work-speed, and streamlines backend processes, beginning by integrating their eCommerce and ERP, which has been made possible by DCKAP Integrator Connectors.

With integration taking to and fro all the business-critical data pertaining to orders, customers, and more – the company now with automated workflows can eliminate data chaos, make well-informed decisions with data, can simplify the day, and achieve efficiency.




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