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Zuo Modern


Magento Migration And Implementation With P21 ERP Integration.

Client overview

Established in 2005, Zuo Modern is an international brand with offices across the globe serving the retail, hospitality, restaurant, and design industry. They successfully collaborate with their over 200 employees to deliver the gorgeous collection of outdoor furniture, lighting, and mirrors. They include an eclectic mix of modern, contemporary, and industrial chic-perfect for the modern home, urban loft, or office space.

Services by DCKAP

  • Website Migration: OpenCart to Magento
  • Magento B2B Website Implementation
  • ERP eCommerce Integration: P21 <> Magento
  • Data Migration of Customers, Products, Orders



Business Challenges

The onus is on online stores to provide a fast experience, low effort, and responsiveness. With the spurge of competitors, you cannot be left behind due to website issues. Similarly, Zuo Modern wanted to up their selling game by integrating modern features into their eCommerce store.

Zuo Modern, when they got in touch with DCKAP, had their eCommerce store up and running on the OpenCart platform, which they felt was not entirely user-friendly. Also, the website visitors and sales were comparatively low due to the absence of a B2B Registration Process for Customers.

That’s not it — Their product pages did not support their selling by displaying adequate information required for customers to arrive at a buying decision. There were some skirmishes with their Warehouse Implementation and Shipping Settings. And above all, there was a massive chunk of data that had to be migrated to the new eCommerce platform without any hindrance to the current customer base.

Major Fixes

Apart from their eCommerce store migration from OpenCart to Magento, DCKAP also added fixes to ensure a seamless shopping experience across all touchpoints — from the homepage to the final checkout.

The website UI needed a fresh makeover. The cart-checkout flow needed some finesse to it. The customer registration process had to be reworked to ensure customers were registered without any barriers.

DCKAP also wanted Zuo Modern’s products page to be vivid with all the relevant product data supported with visual imagery to empower and convert the visitors into buyers. Besides, we set out to break the bundle that managing large data is a tough nut to crack whenever there are updates with product content because it’s actually not.

Our most exciting part? Integrating their backend systems — ERP and eCommerce — so the data flow between the two is done real-time and batch basis, and not a single beat is left missing. This way, manual data entry and human intervention was eliminated maximum.

Project Requirements

The client felt the need to automate data transfers and business processes across its major applications. They wanted their front-end and back-end applications to talk to each other and eliminate human intervention for data transfer. Furthermore, the clients’ integration requirements included complex data transfer logic to connect with Epicor Prophet 21 which the native Prophet 21 API was unable to cater to.


Integrate a new theme into the eCommerce store Magento Migration for better visibility and deliver fast-loading pages.


Back then, hosted on OpenCart, Zuomd wanted to migrate onto Magento to create robust shopping experiences for customers.

Better Usability

No one likes shopping the hard way. Using the default functionalities of Magento Open Source, the usability meter was elevated.

eCommerce ERP Integration

Zuo Modern wanted to integrate their Prophet 21 ERP with the newly built Magento eCommerce using DCKAP Integrator connectors.

Data Migration

All the existing data on their current website, which included customers, products, and orders’ data, had to be migrated safely.

Custom Implementations

A change in their shipping, payment, and tax method software to build fast and extraordinary checkout experiences.

Solutions Offered

As more brands are dipping their toes into online selling, DCKAP holistically worked for Zuo Modern to rebuild and design an eCommerce store that’s consistent across multi-platform and scalable over time.

Going by the solutions, DCKAP integrated the new Porto theme, gave a fresh look to the website, and made it more intuitive. A two-level registration form is created for existing customers and the new customers to have an exclusive option to request web-account access.

Coming to the product pages, the products listing and detail pages are implemented with dynamic pricing calls. Likewise, the products are coupled with necessary data so that the customers know more.

And as Zuo Modern requested, Custom Implementations are integrated for Payments, Shipping, and Tax. Worldpay payment method is integrated with tokenization method to sync with ERP solution to authorize client payments in the ERP.

Regarding Warehouses (Shipping) — FedEx custom integration was implemented to support the multiple warehouses and custom shipping rates offered by Zuo Modern. And DCKAP also customized the display of shipping rates on the checkout page, making them more accessible.

Even fetching the relevant tax rates compatible in different regions was made simple by implementing Avalara Tax Integration into the website.

Lastly, DCKAP Integrator, middleware was brought in to sync their Magento and P21 for real-time data sync between ERP and eCommerce. This way, manual tasks are automated, reduce operational costs, better decision making with data-backed insights, greater control, and more.

With Magento Migration and intuitive integrations, DCKAP collaborated with Zuo Modern to advance the eCommerce curve and competitors.




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