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About C-Line

C-Line Products, Inc. is a manufacturer and developer of office supplies for storage, identification and organization which include sheet protectors, name badges & holders, media storage, report covers & project folders, and more.

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magento p21 integration

Business Requirements

C-Line built their eCommerce store on Magento and was using P21 ERP to manage their backend activities. However with no automation for tracking data in place, manual data entry became a time-consuming task for the company which affected their workflow.

They approached Cloras to integrate their eCommerce Magento and ERP P21 to achieve work efficiency and automated data sync of key details. These integrations would free up their resources and give them more time to focus on propelling their business forward.

Integration Solutions

Check out the business use cases Cloras integrated to keep the data flowing between systems, software, and hardware that work in concert. And creating a fully integrated distribution system with built-in integrations that are integral for growth.

Customer Sync

Every time a new customer is added or details are updated of the existing customer, the details are updated and synced to the backend ERP.

      Data Flow: Magento > P21

Inventory Sync

The current stock levels that exist in the warehouse(s) are regularly updated on their backend to ensure transparency for all stakeholders.

    Data Flow: P21 > Magento

Order Processing Sync

Once the order details are updated in the backend, the invoice is generated and the fulfillment process begins after processing.

    Data Flow: P21 > Magento

Customer Address Sync

The ship-to address of the customer (when added or updated) is synced to P21. This helps in the process of order fulfillment and processing.

    Data Flow: Magento > P21

Product Sync

All the details regarding the products such as information, specifications, prices, SKU, and more are synced to the eCommerce store.

    Data Flow: P21 > FlexiPIM > Magento

Order Sync

After an order is made, the details of the same along with the customer details, ship-to address, and more are synced to the backend.

    Data Flow: Magento > P21

Dynamic Pricing Sync

Not the same price is kept for all. This sync fetches the dynamic price that’s set for the existing customers. And the same only will be displayed.

  Data Flow: P21 > Magento

Customer Update Sync

Sometimes, the details are updated as time goes on, which varies from the one given during inception. Such changes will also be synced to Magento.

    Data Flow: P21 > Magento

Benefits of Magento P21 Integration

Now, more than ever, brands must adapt to changing circumstances and those that once relied on direct sales are shifting their focus to digital. C-Line was no exception. Being a business that primarily dealt with office storage and multiple product lines, they can get more done with this comprehensive automation. All the key data points are now connected ensuring seamless data flow to and fro between eCommerce and ERP. With the help of automation, C-Line can now think about their data needs and adopt technology to help improve processes, insights, and forecasting. And can use the same to enhance the digital channels providing an omnichannel experience to the customers.

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