Craft A Code

DCKAP Codefest 2021

DCKAP Codefest 2021

You’ve spent years feeding your curiosity, honing your craft,and nurturing your skills. You made it through the hell that your board exams were, made it through college, but now what?

How do you put all that you have learnt and all that you have built yourself into to good use? How do you find a place that will nurture you, open up doors for you, a place that will help you find the sweet spot between comfort and discomfort and support the journey that is your career?

Participate And Stand A Chance To Win A PAID INTERNSHIP!

By applying to participate in Craft a Code – DCKAP’s Codefest of course!

Craft a Code is a Codefest organized by DCKAP, to recognize students who are willing to run experiments, innovate, create real time solutions to workplace demands.

Our goal is to provide students with a platform to grow, experiment and innovate as you solve some of our most challenging problems, and so everyone who makes it through will have the opportunity to intern with DCKAP for anywhere between 1-3 months, starting in mid January 2021.


This is an Individual Participation Codefest

For 2019/2020/2021 Pass-outs

In any degree - Bachelors or Diploma

From anywhere in the world

But with a good internet connection

Jan 9 & 10, 2021

10am - 4pm

Round 1

  • January 9, 2021: Craft Your Code
  • On the 9th, at 10 A.M, you will be sent a document with your problem and asked to code away! Once you’re done, you will submit your final code on GitHub
  • Once you submit your code, we will go through it and if you make it through to the next round, you will be sent an email with all the details about the next round


Round 2

  • January 10, 2021: Flaunt you Fervour
  • The second round is where we will sit together and get to know each other. This is where we hope to talk about your journey, your passion and what drives you, and you get to ask us about DCKAP. The more interesting your questions, the more brownie points you get.

So, if all of the above tickles your fancy, if you want to put your coding skills to work and win an opportunity to work with great minded engineers, designers and product managers, make sure you register here.

Be A Part Of DCKAP Codefest - Participate And Stand A Chance To Win A PAID INTERNSHIP!