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Effortless Epicor Prelude Integration

DCKAP Integrator connects Epicor Prelude to your CRM, eCommerce, SCM, marketplaces and more. Manage your business efficiently with a consistent real-time data flow.

Deliver Exemplary Customer Experience

DCKAP Integrator synchronizes all channels for operational efficiency throughout the customer journey. Elevate your success by providing a rich and fast user experience at every interaction.

Learn how ERP integration allowed Premier Safety to go to market faster

With overworked staff and high-cost processes, safety equipment distributor Premier Safety struggled to sync data across its systems. DCKAP Integrator cut costs and improved productivity by connecting Epicor Prelude to Premier’s eCommerce platform.

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Epicor Prelude Data Points to Integrate

Epicor Prelude Integration Ensures Accurate Data Across Systems

DCKAP Integrator makes Epicor Prelude integrations simple so you can supercharge your operations without the hassle. After integration, the system syncs data on the following:

  • Sales quotes, purchase timeframes and customer relationship analytics
  • Vendor invoices and payments, production flow and orders processing
  • Online orders and payments, customer purchase history and dynamic eCommerce offers
  • Real-time stock, demand management and inventory replenishment
  • Insights on customer service, markets, sales, customers and more
  • Customer data, including lifetime value, engagement metrics and contact information

Intuitive Flow Designers & Modifiers

With DCKAP’s flexible flow designers and advanced mapping, you can easily customize your Epicor Prelude integration, even with no coding expertise.

Advanced Security

DCKAP Integrator is GDPR compliant. With our integration solution, you can rest assured your data is secure and encrypted.

Real-Time Analytics

See real-time insights across your organization, from transactions and invoicing to open support tickets and fulfillment analytics.

Hybrid Integration Capabilities

Connect thousands of systems and third-party applications, whether on-premise, embedded, on the cloud or somewhere in between.


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