SAP Commerce Cloud Implementation Services

Deliver ECommerce Excellence With SAP Commerce Cloud

Build Your Dream Online Store On Sap Commerce Cloud (Previously SAP Hybris) And Stay Ahead Of The Competition.

SAP Commerce Cloud is a German company which sells e-Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Service, and Product Content Management Software. This platform provides solutions that help any organization to cut costs, save time, reduce complexity and enables them to achieve an excellent customer experience.

SAP Commerce Cloud has been regarded as a leader in Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce in a research done by Gartner Inc. in 2018. Premier players like Adidas, Nike, Lebara, Samsung, 3M, Vodafone, Oakley, and many more brands have trusted SAP Commerce Cloud to scale up their business.

Why Choose SAP Commerce Cloud?
  • Omnichannel commerce solution that allows customer engagement
  • Scalable and acts in accordance with new eCommerce changes
  • Transform the way business happens
  • Customer-centric and data-centric
  • Provides great user experience to buyers
  • Innovate the way you do business
  • Enables business to fortify a large amount of data
  • Highly effective cockpits for increased productivity
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Endless customization options until customers are satisfied
  • Leverage easily with open source technologies

What DCKAP Offers?

We offer a wide range of benefits to help you get the best of SAP Commerce Cloud, and to ensure a seamless experience to anyone who uses the site.

  • Hybris Core, Commerce
  • B2C with Hybris-as-a-Service (YaaS)
  • Cockpit customizations
  • Integration with SAP
  • Integration with third-party applications
  • Payment Solution Integration
  • Process Optimization
  • Test Management

SAP Commerce Cloud Features

  • Both B2C and B2B platforms in one place
  • Dynamic Product Bundling
  • Product Search using Apache Solr Enterprise Search Platform
  • Procurement System Integration (B2B Punchout)
  • Customer Support via the Storefront using Hybris Assisted Service Module (ASM)
  • Merges Data from SAP and non-SAP Systems Using Data Hub
  • Allows Third Party Integration
  • Extreme Security

How SAP Commerce Cloud Stands Out

  • Architected to handle high volumes of traffic
  • Large scale scope of B2B orders, and to handle B2B company processes
  • Supports Multichannel, multi-vendor, and multi-language
  • There can be several e-stores on one SAP Commerce Cloud instance
  • One eStore can have multiple catalogs by the types of users or geographical differences
  • SAP Commerce Cloud comes with extreme security
  • Key features available to help organizations address GDPR requirements across Commerce-specific processes and operations

Some SAP Commerce Cloud Statistics


Annual Sales




Orders Each Day


Product SKUs

DCKAP Payment Integration Services

  • Having worked on both B2B and B2C models, DCKAP provides top-class and quick payment gateway integrations to streamline your payment process, maximize your conversions, and help you expand into global markets faster with appropriate local payment options.
  • Our Payment Implementations include Online Credit Card, Direct Debit, Bank Transfer, Real-time Bank Transfer, Invoice.
  • DCKAP’s key integrated payment features are 3D Secure, Direct/Delayed Settlement, One Time & Recurring Payments, and Mobile Payments.

Customize Products With SAP Commerce Cloud

Productimize, designed for Hybris is an enterprise customization platform for eCommerce brands. Applications that integrated with Productimize saw sales soar up to 33% because of the ever-rising demand for customized products.

  • 3D Product Visualization
  • User Friendly
  • Custom Artwork Upload
  • Dynamic Text Input
  • Image Rendering
  • Print Ready Image File

How SAP Commerce Cloud Differs From Other Platforms

  • Provides valuable insights on customers’ user experience
  • WYSIWYG editor allows excellent content personalization, segmentation, and more.
  • Availability of connectors to transfer the native and custom data.
  • Hybris Mobile App SDK helps to create apps in all platforms.
  • Seamless social network integration.
  • Multiple deployment options – On Premise, SaaS and Cloud Hosting

B2B In SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud B2B Accelerator is a ready-to-use Web framework that enables us to jump-start our B2B implementation and easily build and maintain a feature-rich, omnichannel commerce solution.

  • Allows deploying an omnichannel commerce solution.
  • Allows managing many B2B accounts on a single platform.
  • Automates order processing.
  • Businesses can manage their user groups, cost centers, budgets, and workflows.
  • Can easily track or make changes to B2B orders in the self-service area.
  • Administrators can manage the organization based on a structure they set up.
  • Possible to select fully integrated merchandising tools.

B2B Key Features

  • Seamless Integration
  • Self-service Account Management
  • Online Ordering
  • Custom Catalogs
  • Custom Pricing
  • Price Quote Requests
  • Credit Management
  • Multi-dimensional Products
  • Advanced Product Search
  • PunchOut Support


1. Is SAP Commerce Cloud Scalable?

Yes, it is. SAP Commerce Cloud is a commerce platform designed for scalability, high traffic, and high order volumes. The SAP Commerce Cloud platform supports business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) workloads

2. How easy it is to migrate from the existing platform to SAP Commerce Cloud?

The data import process in SAP Commerce Cloud is very flexible. Once that is done, the rest of data mapping and transferring is a simple task which would be done with zero data loss by DCKAP experts.

3. How secure is SAP Commerce Cloud?

SAP Commerce Cloud is a powerful and highly customizable authentication and access-control framework. It gives comprehensive and extensible support for both authentication and authorization. It also offers protection against attacks like session fixation, clickjacking, cross-site request forgery, and more.

4. Can we use SAP Commerce Cloud for product enrichment also?

Yes, their Product Information Management(PIM) module is meant for this, and it also helps in the overall growth of your company as customers experience plays a vital role for any business.

5. Are promotion modules available in SAP Commerce Cloud?

Many promotion modules are available with out-of-the-box features to take your brand to the next level using varied kinds of strategies. Businesses can also edit their framework in a way it suits their custom promotional methods.

6. Will SEO rankings be affected?

Before the migration begins, our Marketing Team at DCKAP will do an in depth analysis of your current SEO rankings, and will be there with you throughout the process to ensure your latest SEO rankings are maintained.

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