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9 Beautiful Shopify Ecommerce Sites for Inspiration

Andrea Sanchez
November 9, 2018 |

With Shopify / Shopify Plus, it is possible to fully customize your online store, add new sales channels in seconds, manage unlimited products and inventory, fulfill orders in a single step, track sales and growth trends and more.

Shopify provides intsant access to hundreds of the best looking themes, and complete control over the look and feel.

You finally can have a gorgeous store of your own that reflects the personality of your business.

Top creative Shopify websites

Here are examples of Shopify stores that stand out, be it with their use of imagery, layout, functionality, etc.  showing you don’t need an established brand or an extensive and complex product line to impress – thoughtful website design itself can go a long way in influencing and retaining customers and creating an enjoyable experience.

Dream Online Store

1. Allbirds

Shopify ecommerce sites

Allbirds use of immersive and playful imagery lets you know these shoes are made for moving. In-depth details and plenty of product views make for a nice sell.

2. Zanzan

Shopify eCommerce Sites

Bold but balanced use of color quickly gives a sense for the kind of statement style you can expect from ZANZAN.

  3. Press

Shopify ecommerce sites

The PRESS website is clean and fresh, both in layout design and photography matching the products being sold. The vibrant colors against the crisp whites and greys do a nice job making their products desirable.

4. Hiut Denim Co.

Shopify eCommerce Sites

Hiut Denim Co. takes an old meets new approach with their newspaper-esque site. Their minimal use of color, excellent use of photography and layout enforce their point of doing one thing well, allowing you to appreciate their craft of jean making.

5. Pilgrim

shopify eCommerce Sites

A rather simple product is elevated through a thoughtfully curated and designed web experience with plenty of details and insights. Pilgrim even allows you to shift part of their product page into night mode to get a sense for their product at night.

6.  Penguin Books

Shopify eCommerce Sites

Penguin Shop is intentional about infusing their website with their signature color but balance it out nicely by dispersing it throughout imagery and breaking it up with white space.

7. BioLite Energy

Shopify Ecommerce Sites

Beautiful and crisp imagery makes the BioLite energy website shine. Mixed with detailed illustrations and consistent use of brand colors from their products to website design makes for pleasing customer experience.

8. Master & Dynamic

Shopify Ecommerce Sites

You could almost use the Master & Dynamic homepage as your desktop wallpaper with their immersive and gently rotating carousel. The use of large imagery is carried throughout their website allowing to view all the products details.

9. Quad Lock

Shopify eCommerce Sites

The Quad Lock website makes it very easy to understand (and want) their product line without the need to even scroll down below the fold. A small video at the top and very clear lifestyle categories and backed by strong testimonials make their brand quickly appear trustworthy.

If you think we have missed out on some great Shopify/Shopify Plus ecommerce website designs, do let us know in the comments below as we would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Be inspired by the best Shopify eCommerce stores out there and learn fresh new ideas. With the Shopify website development services, it serves as one of the best eCommerce platforms out there.

Andrea Sanchez

Andrea is a graphic designer at DCKAP based in Los Angeles with 5+ years in the retail/e-commerce industry. She loves learning from the world, both behind and away from the screen.

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