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A Guide to Planning Your Workcation: Tips to Utilize Remote work Culture

Bharat Kulkarni
April 27, 2022 |
Remote Work Culture

DCKAP embraced remote work culture before the Lockdowns. The move was quite precautious & futuristic. And now, considering the unwavering productivity & employee welfare, DCKAP has decided to go fully remote. You can read more about it here.

This has facilitated us the opportunity and choice to work from anywhere, and not just at home; all one ever needs is good internet connectivity and power backup, and you’re set to work from anywhere across the world; from beaches to the mountains. Internet availability has increased all over the world. Connectivity is no more a barrier. 

You can decide to work from a single location or do location hopping, without worrying about the Internet facility and other resources. Take your ThinkPad and just go. I spent almost 3 weeks working from the mountains. This offered me a whole new perspective on remote work, and it was also invigorating and a wonderful way to keep my work life in balance!

I worked on the weekdays and explored during weekends!

I went across Himachal Pradesh. Here is the list of places I covered – Manali, Sissu, Keylong, Jispa, Kalga, Mcleodganj, and Bir. During the weekend I explored Sissu, Keylong, Jispa, and Kalga. During weekdays I was at Manali, Mcleodganj, and Bir.

You don’t need to have a huge budget or fancy things. You can still travel and work with a thoughtfully planned budget by saving your penny. More than anything, it’s all about enjoyment and making yourself rejuvenated, which I think is really important for maintaining productivity. You can meet like-minded people, explore remote locations and helps to gain new perspective about life & culture. 

Living and working from the mountains is an experience of a lifetime!

Here are tips on how to plan your travel:

PS – If this is your first workcation, find a place close to where you live or in your state and stay there for a week to experience it and then you can go ahead and try long workcations.

1. Decide when you want to travel, and based on that time, look for places that are good to visit during that season especially if you’re planning a trip to North India (not everything is open there the entire year). Most importantly make sure there’s good Internet and power backup available there.

2. Book your flights – Always book early.

3. Always stay at Hostels, don’t ever book hotels or Oyo. The reason is Hostels are cheaper, and you meet great people who are also working and traveling, it’s modern networking. When I was at Mcleodganj there were a group of 6 people from the same company. I stayed at Zostel, Moustache, and GoStops

4. Stay at a place for about a week or more. This might sound odd or something that you’re not used to but while working from anywhere, remember you’re not a tourist you’re working on weekdays and exploring on weekends/holidays. Staying minimum for a week is the way to go!

5. Plan your travel to your next destination only on weekends! Research about the place and have an itinerary in place. Schedule your work ahead. Watch some youtube videos, or you can also just go to the destination and explore blindly. It’s a different experience.

6. Don’t go to fancy restaurants or cafes. Try local dhaba’s and restaurants (9/10 times, fancy cafes and restaurants just have good ambiance, and the food is just boring)

7. Pack Light, like extremely light. I just had a rucksack and a laptop bag. I would highly recommend rucksack bags over trolleys! 3-to-4 pairs of clothes are more than enough!

8. Have a first aid kit with necessary medicines, and always carry extra cash and use it only when there’s no option for online payment.

9. Most importantly, have a budget and stick to it. We always tend to buy things we don’t need and spend more than necessary.

Plan Your Workcation & Make Each Moment Productive & Memorable

Why we should huddle in our rooms if we could enjoy work and vacations from Peaceful destinations. If we have the right focus and planning, workcation is the best way to make your work time happy time to realize your potential and give the best at work. I am happy that DCKAP realized the new normal of modern life beforehand. Let’s plan to celebrate our work.


Bharat Kulkarni

Bharat Kulkarni, a Data Scientist at DCKAP, loves working with Python. His interest lies in solving problems. Apart from being an avid reader, he is a cinephile, audiophile, and a quodophile. His hobbies include playing the guitar and ukulele, along with cycling and skateboarding.

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