A Diaper for Every Family! DCKAP is delighted to work with Gro-Via, “to give parents everywhere the tools they need to provide their children with premium, accessible, modern, green, easy-to-use diapering and natural baby products”. Gro-Via runs on the DCKAP’s E-Commerce engine and we are proud to be associated with the Success of Gro-Via.

It has been almost a year of on-going work by our team to re-skin and develop Gro-Via /associated sites (back-end). They were also kind enough to send us free diapers, Bio-Soaker Pads and a bunch of other stuff (which I ended up using for my daughter). Gro-Via’s products are just great! They would not even need a site to market this, I would think!

When your team works on something that people use every day, it is a great sense of satisfaction. Whenever I see/hear folks ordering Gro-Via Diapers/ their other products from Costco, the immediate thought that comes to mind, “our team developed Gro-Via’s Ecommerce Engine”.

Thanks Gro-Via and it has been a pleasure working with your team.  DCKAP will continue to be a part of your growth story, and we are very excited!


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2 thoughts on “Baby Diapers, GRO-VIA & DCKAP!

  1. Awesome post, its easy to see you know what you are doing. I bookmarked this blog and will return, Happy Holidays!

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