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Chennai QA Meetup – Highlights

Shanila J
February 7, 2017 |

“Quality means doing it right even when no one is looking.”— Henry Ford

Quality Analysts are the gatekeepers of Software Applications. They are usually in the back seat and go unnoticed. But their role is so crucial that, at times, like in the case of medical software, human lives depend on it.

Today, digital is transforming the IT industry as a whole and it is disrupting Quality Assurance too. The First Chennai QA – Meetup organized by DCKAP on 4th Feb 2017 (Sat) was an attempt to reach out and bring together like-minded and passionate QA professionals, to discuss, learn and share with each other, the latest technology and trends in QA.

The meetup was full of energy with ideas and discussions going around like ping-pong balls.

We have captured the highlights of the meetup in a series of tweets and a video…

The meetup opened up with a welcome speech by Priya, Quality Analyst, followed by a self-introduction of the participants.

The first session started with a presentation by Bhavani, Quality Architect, on “Continous integration with web using Jenkins”. It was an interesting and informative presentation on improving the coverage of automation testing through CI tool “Jenkins”.

The next presentation by Kannathasan, Quality Analyst and Shanila, Quality Analyst onExperiences in setting up multi-browser testing”, explained the essential techniques to perform browser compatibility testing.

The final session after the tea break was a general discussion on Behavioural driven development(BDD) moderated by Siva Ranjani, Associate Quality Architect and Shanmuga Priya, Quality Analyst. In this discussion, all the participants shared the best practices of BDD.

The last was a Q & A session where one of the participants eagerly shared his experiences and passion towards software testing.

Finally Prasanna, Quality Analyst ended the meetup by thanking the attendees wholeheartedly for their involvement and participation.This was followed by a photo session and lunch with the folks who attended the meetup.

Fleeting moments of the meetup captured for posterity…

Thanks to all the participants who made it to the First Chennai QA Meetup on a Saturday. We will meet again soon.

Shanila J

Shanila is a Certified Software Tester(ISTQB Certified) at DCKAP. She is passionate in delivering a high quality products to the end customers which makes her proud and happy so she choosed her career as "Software testing".She is a food lover and likes playing carrom.

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