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Chennai UI/UX Confluence – Highlights

Siva Kumar
May 29, 2017 |

When the idea for the Chennai UI/UX Confluence first came up, we were a bit tense, as it was out of our comfort zone. But, there is always a first time for everything.  We did our best to make it edutaining and what a meetup it turned out to be. It was one of the most successful meetups with a great turn out. 

UI and UX are gaining more and more importance with the increase in the dependence of mobile devices and smartwatches. Consumers are expecting more from the sites and apps and seek comfort in their use so that they can get an easy, enjoyable and intuitive experience. The meetup aimed to share our ideas, innovations, methodologies, best practices in UI and UX and its latest trends in 2017.

The meetup began with an introduction by our UI designer Syed Kadhar. He introduced the DCKAP team and we got to know the guests who came for the meetup. It was a very interactive and interesting as we got to know the community.

The next presentation was by our UI designers Sivakumar and Santosh on web design trends of 2017. Hidden navigation and pop-out menus, split screen design, video, skeleton screen and other trends were discussed in detail.

Skcript, a product, and design consultancy, presented their design process and practices on UI and UX. Hareessh and Praveen spoke at length about how good design takes time, energy, effort, commitment, experience, and patience. They elaborated about their design sprint and the guidelines to measure UX. 

The next session was a creative workshop coordinated by our UI designers Susi James and Kumar. The folks were divided into four teams and provided painting material. Art is a close cousin to design and designers are artists in their own way. There was enthusiastic participation and the teams showcased their creativity in color and form.

Chennai UI/UX Confluence was conceived to provide a platform to bring together local UI/UX people who share the same interest. Networking can pay off big time. You’ll get to learn from experienced people who know the ins and outs of the industry. Networking session helped just to do that…with sandwiches, french fries, and cool drinks to satiate our appetite, the discussions continued till late evening.

Our initial discomfort turned out to be totally unfounded. Overall it was a great experience to meet, learn and share our thoughts and ideas with the Chennai UI community.

Enjoy and share the Chennai UI/UX Confluence Moments.

Thanks to all the participants who made this event successful. Special thanks to UI, HR and Marketing team for their cooperation and support. Mohan, thanks for the tweets.

We received some great feedback and suggestions from the participants…

Nice experience. This was not the first meetup. This was the best meetup.

Sessions were interesting. Content could have been more. The concept of the workshop was well thought out and the execution was good.

Really had a nice time with the DCKAP family.

Very helpful. Request the team to include more topics and lectures rather than a workshop.

The takeaway was the participants were hungry for more content. We will implement them in our next meetup. Thanks so much for your appreciation.

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Chennai UI/UX Confluence reminded us that design is so simple – that’s why it is so complicated. (Paul Rand)[/clickandtweet]

Our next meetup will be bigger, bolder and better. Follow us on Twitter for the updates on the next meetup.

Siva Kumar

Siva is a UI/UX Designer at DCKAP. With a motto of ‘Just Do It’, Siva is eager to fix any complex bugs. He's passionate about creating clean, unique, elegant designs - the designs you love & designs that work. He enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with friends.

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