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Complete Guide On Distribution ERP One+

April 11, 2021 |
Distribution One ERP Integration - DCKAP Integrator

Businesses are getting competitive every day. In a study by Gartner businesses with cutting-edge technologies will dominate the $2.9 trillion distribution and logistics industry. Every business starts by setting objectives, obtaining relevant intelligence, planning, forecasting, and by systemic implementation attains its business goals. These are proven solutions, strategies that come in handy and ensure business survival, scale, and sustainability. 

Difficulties Faced By Businesses Lacking An Automated ERP Solution

Wholesalers and distributors frequently encounter uncertainty and lack of transparency in trade, which results in challenging outcomes for them to control, organize and balance their inventory. With the boom in order, and clients demanding shorter response times, distributors bear dangerous hurdles in maintaining the inventory stocked and guaranteeing swift order processing.

Outdated Supply Chain Management Structures

Antiquated techniques include the usage of ineffective means, machinery, and manual handling. They lack the data accuracy required for rational and reliable decision-making. 

Calls For Rapid Delivery

With the e-commerce growth, consumers expect faster deliveries. A single shortfall or disruption in any of the distribution and logistics operations could lead to top-down disruptions and delays. 

Absence Of Financial Visibility

Manually managed accounting and bookkeeping methods offer restricted information to financial details and can result in the unfortunate of data silos and data duplication.

The best way to evolve your business is with technologies that serve your business goals in a targeted and feature-driven way. One of these solutions is to go after an ERP system. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the key tool wholesalers, distributors, and other industries utilize to or organize and connect all of their day-to-day business processes into a unified distribution solution. The ERP software synchronizes business departments, maximizes productivity, and guarantees the accuracy and convenience of business data. Moreover, ERP fulfills these specifications while reducing old-fashioned methods and associated expenses to streamline departments company-wide. 

It’s smart to look for software solutions that are agile by nature as it helps with scalability and supports your business operationally. An ERP is a modern, cloud-based integrated solution that’s diverse in emerging technologies. These include AI-based forecasting, machine learning, predictive analytics, data analysis, business intelligence, and they are all built over a comprehensive cloud structure. An ERP system will allow you to identify and generate growth opportunities securing overall business and customer success. 

In this article, we go about exploring the Distribution ERP system. If you’re a finance manager, entrepreneur, operational head, or any key decision-maker in the market for an ERP, this article is for you. 

Quick Overview

  •  Product: Distribution ERP-One+ 
  • Vendor: Distribution One 
  • Founded: 1996
  • HQ: Mount Laurel, NJ
  • Ownership Status: Private
  • Customers: 400+ Worldwide
  • Deployment: Cloud and On-Premise
  • Free Trial: Not Available

About The Product

What is the Distribution ERP One+ solution? It is a cloud and an on-premise wholesale distribution, financial system, and warehouse automation solution. For the last 20 years, Distribution One has assisted wholesalers and distributors achieve transformational process developments through user-friendly ERP-ONE+ business software. The core issues facing distributors commonly include data access, precision, and disconnected information processes. 

Through a comprehensive ERP solution, the end-to-end distribution process is aligned for the most crucial operational efficiency: lot control, point of sale (POS), general ledger, purchasing, sales analysis, customer relationship management, dashboard, and data analytics, wireless warehousing, and many other standard tools, like kitting/assembly and electronic data interchange (EDI). Distribution ERP One focuses on increasing interconnectivity through automation and lets business owners access real-time relevant business information anywhere. 

While Distribution ERP One offers a host of product features, they have an e-commerce platform and a mobile application suite. It also has an integration capability with third-party merchants such as Amazon, credit-card processors, and logistics firms like FedEx and UPS. Their focus is on becoming the best ERP system for wholesale distribution. 

Who Can Use Distribution ERP One? 

The target market for Distribution One ERP is mainly medium to large-scale wholesale distributors. The industry they operate in comprises fasteners, industrial services, retail fulfillment, JAN/SAN (janitorial/sanitation) HVAC, plumbing, packaging, hardware, and custom specialty tools. 

Below are some customers of the Distribution One ERP in the industry. 

  • Empire Bolt & Screw 
  • Patlin Inc.
  • Colorado Industrial Packing
  • VLC Distribution
  • A-Jax Fasteners and Tools
  • DriveKore
  • On-Time Supply
  • Southern Fasteners

Modules Offered By Distribution ERP One?

Distribution One ERP System provides extensive functionality for small and medium-sized manufacturers, distributors, and enterprise-level organizations. Distribution ERP-ONE+ functionality combines features that focus on most aspects of enterprise administration, including:

Predictive Data Analytics + Central Dashboard – Accurate visualizations and real-time signals assist in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are most meaningful to specific users by converting customer information into business intelligence for strategic management. 

Sales Order Entry – Convenient and instant access to customer information enables a company to process sales orders and customize them by user commitment.

Invoice & Billing – Provides companies with data from sales orders to billing customized per customer need.

Customer Relationship Management – The CRM engages users to drill down client information for actionable data. It can be customized by the user or integrated with a different third-party CRM.

Inventory and Warehouse Management – A scalable feature that provides management of inventory and location in the warehouse. Wireless warehousing feature lets companies organize and manage real-time inventory levels for stocking and picking.

Purchasing & Procurement – Manages specific client inquiries, forecasted inventory replenishment, and inventory connecting so a user can make an informed purchasing choice.

Sales Analysis – This feature delivers instant sales data for a user to analyze, document, examine and trace trends before advancing to critical business or sales cycle stages. 

Management & Reporting – Let’s users import merchant data, export business data to .docx or .xlsx extension (with real-time modifications), for analysis and reporting.

Additional Features

  • General Ledger
  • Bank Management
  • Contract Pricing (Price-lists)
  • Landed cost tracking
  • Multi-currency
  • Inter-company accounting
  • Order Entry & Invoicing
  • Purchase Order
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Lot tracking
  • Warehouse automation
  • Apparel/Product Matrix
  • Inter-company warehouse transfers
  • Contact management (CRM)
  • Commission Processing
  • Backorder management
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Warehouse shipping
  • eCommerce Integration
  • AR/AP

There are plenty of other features in the Distribution One ERP suite. Check the whole list here

Benefits Of Distribution ERP One

  • Cost Reduction— The comprehensive and integrated nature of Distribution ERP One allows for increased profitability and reduced costs. It helps grow sales and enhance customer service.
  • Communication Enhancements—Information is accessible company-wide across verticals rather than in silos where it useless. 
  • Fast Implementation— A seamless implementation process sets the corporation up and running faster than with other systems.
  • Advanced Security Channels— Data is everything. Distribution ERP-ONE+ has advanced data integrity and safety enabling you to keep data safe and avoid any malicious attempts.
  • Improved Business Processes— Reduced manual entry of data, shorter duplication, and time-wasting across the board.

Using Distribution One ERP Solution? 


Window View Distribution ERP One+

How to hit the ground running with Distribution ERP One? Distribution ERP One is a powerful ERP product with awesome community support. 

Of course, if you want to use the ERP to its full potential, knowledge will be necessary. Here are some resources that you can utilize to learn the Distribution ERP One Solution: 

  • Distribution One ERP Integration guide here;
  • Official Distribution One ERP Solution community resources here;
  • Official Distribution One ERP Solution blog platform.

User training is core to delivering excellence with your brand-new software. Distribution One offers personalized, hands-on training that can be delivered at your location. Tailored to match your precise business needs and goals. After the training, their live customer support team is always available to support should you run into any issues.

Built on the advanced Windows technology and its prized 64-bit architectureDistribution ERP-ONE+ is a fast, secure, and user-friendly software that can be integrated end-to-end with other business application suites such as Microsoft® Office. 

With over 2000 segment programs, ERP-ONE+ clients undergo streamlined functionality and high-speed, reliable access to client, product, merchant, and sales data. 

The functionality doesn’t stop there as the availability of Mobile Apps like mobile order entry tools and mobile CRM provides customers with quick access to critical business functions. With the convenience of a laptop or handheld devices business can be operated from practically anywhere. 


Distribution One offers customized pricing. Contact a business agent to get a price quote for your business requirements. You can do that here at Distribution One.

How Long Does It Take To Deploy Distribution ERP One+ System? 

It depends on several factors. 

The size of technical deployment. The complexity of the topology/verticals, and the scale of the database. A conventional PUM feature that extends on an exclusive ERP is typically created in just over one hour.

With regards to data transfer from your current software system to ERP-ONE+ is painless. Having access to all your important current and historical data is key to making the best decisions possible for you and your customers. Distribution ERP one lets companies import their historical data from legacy systems into the cloud structure. 

Distribution ERP One also assists with initial Go-Live. The team processes corporate day-to-day operations during the transition. Clients consider this important for strong implementation, as it renders assistance with responsibilities ranging from software and forms structure setup, initial check run, and the primary month-end closing. These crucial services can be modified to accommodate your business ecosystem and your precise needs.

Distribution One’s Technical Support Professionals have expertise with multiple computing platforms, network and system configurations, software and database applications. Distribution One will professionally and seamlessly upload the application software, configure workstations, determine printer settings, etc. This is to maximize the security and reliability of your ERP-ONE+ Software system. You can visit the Distribution One ERP FAQs page here to flesh out other inquiries. 

How to Integrate Distribution One ERP Solution Into Your Business? 

An integration platform as aid you can integrate Distribution One ERP Solution into your existing business. You can use the DCKAP Integrator integration platform. Is your online store running on platforms like Magento, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, & SAP Commerce Cloud? Communicate orders, inventory & SKUs in real time between ERP and eCommerce. 

Here are some ways how DCKAP Integrator helps you maximize benefits from your ERP. 

  • DCKAP Integrator offers connectors to integrate your Distribution One ERP with any other application.
  • Connect any number of applications using sophisticated pipe builders and flow designers.
  • DCKAP Integrator integration platform provides you best-in-class UI and UX, with drag and drop features and minimal coding effort.
  • An easy pseudo-code-based interface for setting up and deploying your Distribution One integrations.
  • A comprehensive module to set up complex data transfer and field connection logic in no time.
  • A complete tool to measure and analyze the number of transactions, successful and failed ones, as well as comparison graphs.
  • Track every data transfer coupled with step-by-step debugging in case of failed transactions.
  • Schedule the timing & frequency for your systems to communicate or set it up to synchronize data in real-time.

DCKAP Integrator provides connectors for Distribution One that synchronizes critical business data available for all teams in real-time. DCKAP Integrator Cloud Connector delivers a paradigm shift in revenue by synchronizing the Distribution One ERP solution with all front-end and back-end systems. Alongside higher productivity and benefits, you can also gain an advantage over your competition by ensuring these data points are integrated with Distribution One ERP. With DCKAP Integrator pre-built connectors, you can sync that in a flash. You can use this comprehensive guide here to get started. Or reach out for a Demo at DCKAP Integrator.

DCKAP Integrator already provides a pre-built package that integrates all these data points. Its GDPR compliance platform ensures the complete security of your data through encrypted transactions and SSL certifications. Additionally, the DCKAP Integrator platform provides you best-in-class UI and UX, with drag and drop features and minimal coding effort.

In Conclusion

Overall, Distribution One’s ERP doesn’t reflect any glaring shortcomings and is a solid choice for any SMB in the market looking for an agile solution especially if you’re a wholesaler or manufacturer. If you liked the article, please drop a like and comment and let us know.

Distribution One also provides you the capability to obtain in-depth insights regarding your business processes. It presents you with analytics based on scientific data that enables you to decide whether you are moving your organizational aims in a way that you envisioned.

One thing to keep in mind is that different companies have specific needs and goals to accomplish. The best way to make an informed decision is to execute comprehensive research on the exact business needs you want to fulfill. This kind of research will help you ascertain the tools fit for your objectives while improving efficiency. 

If you liked the article, please drop a like and comment and let us know. 

You can learn more about the eCommerce industry here.

Thank you for your reading this far!


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