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7 eCommerce E-mail Marketing Tips to Increase your Revenue

Snigdha C
February 12, 2020 |

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale.” David Newman

An eCommerce marketer stands a lot to gain from using the right email marketing solutions. Right from automating common messages to campaigns, there are plenty of features that make it very convenient for a merchant and marketer.

One point of contention amongst most marketers is that with new technologies like chatbots coming in; should one pay a lot of heed to emails- one of the oldest and conventional methods of interaction.  But, here is where eCommerce email marketing statistics play a role.


As per a research done by Hubspot, it was seen that an email generates nearly 38 USD for each 1 USD spent. This reflects on a 3800% ROI. So, is email a thing of the past? We don’t think so. Interestingly enough, over 50% of respondents check their email account over ten times in the same day, making it quite a preferred option for communication. 

But, at the same time; having an effective eCommerce email marketing strategy is crucial. Here is what you can do to achieve the same: 


7 eCommerce E-mail Marketing Tips to Increase your Revenue

Send time Optimization

In today’s competitive world, customer engagement is easily one of the toughest things to garner. However, apart from your marketing initiatives, you can also settle on a simple feature in your eCommerce email marketing strategy to achieve the same. Send Time Optimization refers to a practice which automates your emails based on when your target consumer base is most likely to open it. It is an AI-driven add-on which works by analyzing the response of every recipient pertaining to the campaign launch time. Any further e-mail interaction is then initiated based on the optimized time suited to the recipient. Most of the leading ESPs offer this feature, so we would highly recommend you to make use of it to get more engagement.

Set workflows with automation

As we talk about eCommerce email marketing tips, it is tough to overlook the prominence of automation. To use automation to your advantage, we recommend you to set up workflows for whichever type of eCommerce email marketing you are using. It can be for a series of sales emails or even for a special promotion that you have during Black Friday. In case, your current marketing platform does not give you this option, then you can try out HubSpot to integrate the same.


A/B Testing with different variants

A/B Testing is also referred to as split testing. It consists of two variants wherein you can test and analyze which one works best for you. So, it is to understand which out of the given options is effective for gaining more clicks and opens. In this particular feature, you can set up two variations of the same campaign and send them over to a minimal percentage of all your recipients. Half the group gets variant A while the other half can receive Variant B. You will then get responses and you would be able to figure out which variation got more responses. This winning variant can be then forwarded to your total group of recipients. The three ways to include A/B Testing include:

  • Different subject lines
  • Different names of the sender
  • Different content in the email

The third type of A/B Testing is the most effective in our opinion.


Customer segmentation is the key

Most Email marketing tools including tweets and Instagram ads need to directly be able to speak to only a specific reader. The best way to do this is by customizing the email content. Once you segment your recipients, you get to know their preferences better. For instance, you can figure out the following things:


  • What appeals to them as a consumer?
  • What do they look for while browsing products as well as services?
  • What is their definition of good customer service?
  • What makes them visit a certain website and then subscribe to it?

Once you hit these familiarization points, you can easily customize your emails, reminders, and follow-ups.
If you are still apprehensive about going ahead with customer segmentation, then here is an interesting insight. Marketers who opt for segmented campaigns at an average note a jump in their revenue. This increase is equal to approximately 760%.


Personalization is definitely the key to better customer engagement. Here are some more tips on Email Marketing.

Call to action is conclusive

There are no two ways about the fact that the main reason behind your eCommerce email marketing strategy is to get a consumer base that converts. So, you followed the tips and you earned the attention you needed. The next step is to state a clear purpose through which you can lead up to a conclusive Call to Action. For instance, are you sending out the emailer to get more subscribers to your newsletter or do you simply want them to check out your online store? Start out the content by having a goal in mind and ensure that your CTA clearly states it. With thousands of emails by different merchants, a consumer is sure to pick the ones that have a direct approach through which they know what steps they need to take further.


Introduce pre-submit tracking

Pre-submit tracking is a fairly nascent feature when it comes to advanced eCommerce email marketing. In a conventional process, site visitors are typically invisible until they log in. But, with pre-submit tracking as a feature by your side, you would be able to increase the general percentage of the identifiable sessions. Basically, all your customers need to do is fill an email address in a form field on the site. They don’t even need to click submit or move on to another stage in order for you to track cart abandoners. This way, you can make a strategy aiming at converting the concerned users.
Worried about cart abandonment? Here are the top 5 Ways to overcome shopping cart abandonment.

Video content can drive sales

Over the last couple of years, video content has grown in popularity. Today, a lot of people prefer to spend time watching online videos and it has become one of the most favorite types of content for a large chunk of users. For nearly 90% of consumers, product videos are a stepping stone in making the final decision. So, with embedded video content, you can get more attention and also offer a guide to your users to understand your product better. So, as a brand that wants to stand out, you can also make video content a part of your eCommerce email marketing strategy to gain more attention.


Extra Tip: Build a Community, not just a consumer list

With an abundance of information on the internet, most audiences intend to go beyond the superficial. People don’t just browse the internet to get readily available information. Consumers use it to meet like-minded people, join groups and even essentially create a world that covers the distance between their offline and online sphere. To get more loyalty and more interest, up your game and aim at making an inclusive community as a part of your email marketing campaign. You can personalize your conversations with updates about your company that are not necessarily promotions. Perhaps a simple sneak-peek into a celebration of your office during a festival can do the trick.


While there are plenty of elements to include in your eCommerce email marketing strategy, we recommend you go for certain permutations and combinations to ace it!

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